12- DAY Healthy Eating Challenge


Wow healthy eating right, I am hoping I didn’t scare you just by writing that. I know that would scare me, I have a wild imagination so my mind would have already jumped to conclusions. If you are thinking gluten free, soy free, vegan, sugar-free, dairy free then don’t. 


The idea behind this challenge is to challenge you all to eat at least one healthy meal every day for the next 2 weeks. It shouldn’t be that difficult. A week of healthy breakfasts, followed by a week of healthy lunches. A big move from Menu Monday, I know, but it’s going to be fun I promise. 

Fresh healthy salad with kale, almond, cranberry and quinoa

Fresh healthy salad with kale, almond, cranberry and quinoa



We’ve all been doing a good job with the facebook workouts, I am extremely proud of you all. It’s been so much fun if you would like to join us join us on facebook live at 0600hrs. 


Starting tomorrow we will be sharing a healthy breakfast of your choice till Wednesday the 23rd. Followed by a week of healthy lunches or suppers. Whichever you have time for really. 

After the two week period, I will share 7 healthy breakfast recipes, and 7 healthy snacks in one big PDF document. Sweet right ??? I hope you will enjoy the challenge, and the PDF will be emailed to the individuals who will subscribe to the blog and take part in the challenge.

It might seem pointless since it is the end of the year but trust me, it is never too late to treat your body right. Healthy BODY, Healthy MIND. I am extremely excited about working with you, supporting  and, motivating you and in turn getting motivation from you all. Being a part of a community of people that enjoy what I enjoy brings me joy.

Go crazy, be adventurous DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE YOUR PICTURES.

The hashtag is NKBHealth.

Thank you again for joining me. Here are pictures for inspiration

Keep an eye out on the blog for more on each challenge and if you have challenges that you think would be a good fit for this new journey – I want to hear from you! Comment below 






  1. 18/11/2016 / 09:15

    Very keen for this and your food always looks good so guaranteed to be worthwhile!

    • Miriam Maulana
      23/11/2016 / 06:30

      Thank you love, don’t forget to tag me in your pictures

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