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‘Tis The Season

Christmas Gifts oh Christmas gifts (add jingle). Christmas has always been different for me, it was the time of the year we went on holiday with the family but my family has never really been big on Christmas gifts. Now that I’m older all I want is all the glitz and glam that comes with Christmas. The jolly good feelings wrapped presents and cookies for Santa, lol yeah you heard me, Santa!

Here’s the kicker though, because my family has never really been big on gifts buying gifts for friends and family gives me actual anxiety. How do you pick out presents, how do you know what would be the perfect gift and how do you stick to your budget?

Well, for the past two years Clicks has been my lifesaver. They have hundreds of gifts to choose from, everything from delightful fragrances and home decor to stocking fillers. Clicks makes Christmas shopping so easy.

#ClicksChristmas Gifts Wish List

As I said, I am super excited about Christmas. How I’ve managed to keep track of what I need to get and for whom is by putting together wishlists, and the Clicks Christmas gift guide is my best friend at this time of the year.  Top trending must-have gifts all in one 145 page booklet, I mean what’s not to love. Saving is one of the most important things to do in December to avoid January blues and their ever so generous 3for2 specials go a long way. Not just that but I get points every single time I shop using my clicks club card.

Do you have a Christmas Gifts Wish List? What’s on it?

Christmas Gift heaven

Before I make this way too long, let me share some of my must have’s this Christmas Gifts. A little something for everyone, your ‘green beauty’ makeup loving friend, sweet-toothed siblings, sparkle mani loving aunt and everyone in-between.

Bestie’s Christmas Gift

For your ‘Green beauty’ loving bestie is the rage of all ranges: affordable, good quality, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free revolution makeup.

Mummy’s trendy Christmas Gift

Sorbet brought it this year, everything from confetti, sparkles and ribbons, walk into Clicks and you can find a wide selection of gift bags, bath and body products as well as nail polish sets that rock.

Spoil Yourself with some of the real techniques sets in-store or online you can get everything mentioned on click’s 3for2 specials

Clicks Christmas

Finally, add the Iwori products to your cart, their products are made from the sacred Marula tree chosen for its hydrating and moisturising properties. The aromatic Rooibos bush for its powerful antioxidants.

Clicks has thought of everything, they have hundreds of Christmas gifts ideas to choose from and earn cashback. 

If you’re too busy finalising holiday plans you can shop for all your Christmas Gifts from Clicks’s Online store and have it delivered to you or you can pick it up at your nearest clicks.

Shopping has never been easier

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