This is NOT A DRILL Black Friday w/Superbalist

The countdown to Black Friday has begun, and my wish list is to die for! If you’re as shocked as I am it’s already that time of the year, then grab a seat right beside me babe, lol. 2019 has been a sprint and what better way to end it than with the biggest and baddest sale weekend on the retail calendar. This year we are going to sit with our bowls of popcorn, laptops charged and tabs open.

Black Friday which falls on the payday weekend of the 29 of November this year has always caught me wanting. Last year I made the mistake of going to the mall and I am never doing that again. Brands like Superbalist make shopping on Black Friday a breeze, which brings all the fun back to it. I am moving away from being the camper outer to being a planner. I’ve started working on my Superbalist Black Friday Wish List on my app. (so be sure to download your app and start planning ios & android).

I have everything from; needs, wants, gifts and splurges. A wishlist is your battle strategy for the big day. Line up the pieces you like best, and prepare to take them right to checkout when the time comes. The last thing you want to be doing on Black Friday is browsing whilst everyone is buying. If you have a small foot like me (that size  struggle) , build your wishlist now so you’re prepared on the day

In case you’re curious some of the brands that’ll be on sale come November 29, 2019, includes Adidas Originals, Nike, Converse and Mango.

My Wish List Items

For those of you that might be new here, hi, my name is Miriam and I am a shoeholic. I love me a pare of brogues and loffers. Honestly, you can never go wrong with these classics in your collection. You can dress them up or down depending on your mood. Here is my Superbalist Black Friday ‘shoe’ wishlist

Black Friday Wish List

Other than shoes I have a couple of other wants in my wishlist ready for check out. Everything from Bikinis (because hot girl summer is here) to that bag I’ve been wanting since the beginning of the year. If you’d like to see some of the shoes Superbalist offers then check out my haul video (top tip – I never regretted it)

Here are a few more wishlist items on my list, be sure to let me know what you have on yours and tag me on IG should you create yours. Before I head out, don’t forget to put together your wishlists on the Superbalist App, Download the app, set your alarms and get ready to shop.

Black Friday Wishlist w/Superbalist Black Friday Wishlist


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