Hey Loves, welcome to my beauty, natural hair and lifestyle blog. My name is Miriam Maulana. I am Zimbabwean beauty, natural hair and lifestyle blogger in South Africa. I am passionate about natural hair, skincare, and beauty. I am not just beauty and natural hair blogger and enthusiast but a foodie and travel lover at heart with a growing appreciation of the world and everything in it. I believe the world without colour, art and big smiles would be dull. I am a foodie, self-acclaimed wine connoisseur, lazy fashionista and skincare addict. I love makeup, lipstick, and high heeled shoes.

I run the Beauty, Natural Hair and Lifestyle Blog, New Kid On The Block, My blog is my version of pretty and my 100% honest opinion on the world of beauty and lifestyle.  My blog posts will mostly be related to makeup, haircare, skincare and healthy living.

Okay: I am an ambitious woman who hopes and is working towards achieving great things in life. I want to be able to inspire people to work towards achieving their goals without fear of failure. I am based currently based in the friendly, windy city Port Elizabeth in South Africa. My mum and my brother are my life and I am blessed to have them.

I haven’t tried macaroons, I love oysters and most seafood.  I used to be a vegetarian but now can’t imagine not having a medium-rare steak. I have a weakness for Fries and Freshly Baked bread (yum in my tum).

I go window shopping to distress, a good setup display window and a chance to browse through upcoming makeup trends do wonders for my soul.

I am blogging to share my experiences, I think it’s important for someone out there to know they aren’t alone. I want to be a part of the beauty community, to get to know like-minded people and to share my stories and this part of my life with you all.

I am also the brains behind the Zim Bloggers and FroTalk communities. My hope is to put Zimbabwe on the digital influencer map and to help others grow their blogs and discover how great they can be at anything.


New Kid On The Block



  1. margaret
    18/02/2015 / 18:22

    I am wishing to learn more health tips. When I think about it I wish I was younger. But anyway knowledge is power and as God in prophet Hosea said my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. I for one do not to lack knowledge so am looking forward to gaining it on this platform.

    • 18/02/2015 / 19:17

      Hi Margaret,

      Thank you very much for following my blog and for your feedback… A new series of health posts are coming soon***

      Hugs and Kisses

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