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If you could change anything about your sensitive skin what would it be? The worst thing in life is having skin that is as hormonal as a teen whose voice is just starting to break. That overwhelming itchy sensation you get after being on the treadmill for a couple of minutes. I hate it so much and the discomfort is more than I care to share in great detail. I’ve had moments when my skin breaks into hives or turns red and starts itching just because I’ve done cardio. Ever been so tempted to say fuck it and scratch my bum during the people in the gym.

If like me you are tired of some of these embarrassing moments or if you’re one of those ashy humans probably taking evolution back decades then let me introduce you to Mixa. Mixa recently launched in South Africa, they are brand that is aimed at producing quality products for sensitive skin. Mixa is devoted to improving the comfort for sensitive skin. Does your skin sometimes sore or sensitive to touch. Does it react to certain types of skincare or become itchy or develop a rash after contact with irritants?

Our skin’s reactions to the outside world and factors are different with some reactions being more severe than others. The one thing we can all agree on having a good lotion or moisturiser goes a long way in making sensitive, dry or irritable skin more bearable.

Now that we’ve agreed on that tidbit let’s get into the mixa brand and whether or not it delivers on its promises.

Mixa Sensitive Skin Experts

Mixa Sensitive Skin Expert


They are 3 lotions in the collection, each lotion with its own unique formula. The Mixa “Anti-dryness” body lotion (Blue Pump), the “Restoring body lotion (Orange Pump) and the Soothing body lotion (Pink Pump). These three body lotions are surprisingly rich. And the best part? The Mixa Body Lotions are ultra-light, non-greasy & fast-absorbing.  The non-greasy ultra-light lotion is absorbed into the skin within seconds,  The formulas in the  Mixa Body Lotions are made to quench dry skin and soothe any general irritation.

There are currently 3 variants of the Mixa Sensitive Skin Experts Body Lotions are available in South Africa:

♥ Anti-dryness Body Lotion (Blue Pump)  – infused with coriander oil. It is a light, silky and fast absorbing lotion. Coriander Oil helps to maintain hydration. There is glycerin and coriander oil and urea in it that maintains and regulates epidermis. After application the lotion makes your hands feel soft to the tough.

♥  Restoring Body Lotion (Orange Pump)– infused with Allantoin is a repairing lotion for very dry skin. The Allantoin regenerating, moisturizing and soothing properties perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. This restoring body lotion is super scented, I didn’t like the scent. I find flowery scented products give me a headache. If you like scented products then this should be well.

♥  Soothing Body Lotion (Pink Pump) – I saved the best for last, the soothing body lotion is infused with oat milk to intensely nourish, and gives a natural glow to the skin.  The scent of this one is very light on the nose and indulgent. It is meant for skin like mine that is more susceptible to external factors

Mixa Cica Repair Balm

Mixa South Africa - Multi Purpose Balm

What is it? The Mixa Cica Repair Balm gives more intense moisturising than the body lotions. It is great for targeted repair for your face, body or hands. I recently used it on my hands after going a bit crazy with detergent. My hands were shedding and it helped deeply moisturise almost treat.

You only need to use a small amount, and it can help to warm it in your hands before applying. The Mixa Multi-purpose Cica Repair Balm is great for dry patches or night time use. Try rubbing a balm into your nails or the soles of your feet at bedtime before popping on a pair of socks and hitting the hay.

Editors Final Word – Are the Mixa Lotions for you?  

The one thing I’ve learnt over the years is that moisturising does not mean the same to everyone. Lotioning or moisturising is a very important step in my routine. I don’t moisturise after my skin is dry if someone distracts me before I lotion I have to go back into the shower to get back that hydration.

If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin or if you are one of those people that want soft deeply moisturised skin then the Mixa lotions are definitely for you. I have been reaching for them more than I’ve been reaching for my Nivea or Oh So Heavenly lotions because we are n Autumn and though I am not ready to pen up my richer body creams I do want something a little more intense.

The Mixa lotions are slightly thicker than all my other lotions. It’s almost as if my lotion and creams had a baby. Lol, a baby that does not feel heavy on the skin and does not feel slippery. It sinks into the skin, nourishes and locks in the hydration in my skin.

The lotions are available in 250ml ♥ R45.95 and 400ml ♥ R59.00 on Takealot 


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