Truth Thursdays: A letter to my sexist, misogynistic brothers 


sexism and leaking nude pitcures



Living in a world were stripping girls or women in short skirts or ‘unacceptable’ dressing has become a trend, a world were one defends these actions by comparing these abused women to the “meat” found chicken inn or kfc, in a world were everyday women come face to face with the ugly face of sexism I am hoping to change a few minds 

It always ruffles my feathers  when peoples nude pictures surface  online and everyone is so keen to see them and distribute them. Angry, jealous disgruntled boyfriends share their girlfriends nude pictures or videos of their most intimate moments almost on a daily basis. 

In my opinion such abuse shouldn’t be tolerated or even condoned yet the world seems to always ask, “why was she sending the nude pictures in the first place”, Um, no, can we not with that bullsh*t (excuse my French). Leaking photos of this nature is akin to sexual assault, so why just shrug it off? That’s the same kind of absurdity  that lets losers get away with  leaking pictures of unconscious girls who are getting raped and other disgusting, demeaning acts !!

It bothers me that there is a chorus of who people always ask this, it’s bothers me that women are still expected to behave in a certain way and that deviation from these set standard earn them the ruthless hand of abuse and victimization. 

Look at It this way, when you hand a waiter your bank card in a restaurant you are not giving them the permission to take $1000 or buy a merc and the same goes with nude pictures. If a girl sends nude pictures to her once better half in an intimate setting founded on trust and mutual love she is not giving permission to have then shared and plastered on the Internet after a break up. Revenge porn is cyber rape in my opinion, you are subjecting this woman to body shamming, memes and all so what?, so you can get a couple of strangers laughing and talking, so you can have the last laugh, SHAME on you 

Well I say to you, get your head out of your own behind and STOP… 

You are a rapist, it’s cyber rape and cyber abuse. Hiding behind a key board does not change what you are doing… 

Sending nude pictures or allowing someone to take pictures isn’t the problem, its the men who are constantly thinking it’s alright to share these pictures, we are the problem cause we share, retweed, app and tag our friends in these pictures. 

  Enough is enough.

Every single day  careers and lives are being distroyed, beauty pageant queens are being stripped of their crowns because some digusting  man decide to share nude picture of her. As a society lets protect the girl child and protecting the girl child should not mean stopping her from dressing a sort of way. It requires all of us to shame and deal with idiots in the way they deserve. 

Revenge porn and Internet sexual harassment seek to demoralize, debase, and shame women on social, sexual, and professional levels. Everytime we share these pictures, strip queens of their crowns or strip women of their positions we are playing into the hands of the men trying to destroy them. By blaming the victim and singing the ever so loud song of, “why did you put yourself in that situation”, we are justifying these misdeeds and in a way condoning their behavior. 

To all those who detest this behavior like I do. Thank you. You make the world a better place. Let’s fight for progress and change. 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Let’s make the sexist, misogynistic, partriarchal model obsolete and empower and protect women of today to safeguard our future.

Yes I am angry and that’s alright because enough is enough !!!!!! 

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  1. margaret
    28/05/2015 / 19:19

    Well, what can I say?
    There is an old saying that goes and I qoute” grapes are sour”
    Honestly if they are then eat them yourself and do not share or do not throw them away coz they pollute the environment.
    If you are unable to manage rejection then see a counsellor.
    Sharing the nude pictures doesn’t make you a winner, loverboy!!!!!
    It’s proof of a supratendorial malfunction.

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