3 Ways To Trim/Dust Natural Hair

3 Ways to Trim Natural Hair

Reasons I Trimmed My Natural Hair 

Just close your eyes and trim/ dust natural hair ladies. Trimming or dusting your natural hair can be extremely intimidating. If like me you took the big chop route to natural hair you are probably wondering why you need to trim or dust your natural hair! Had you asked me a few months ago if I would cut my hair ever again? The answer would have been an easy resounding, NO. After I bleached my hair, it changed. It wasn’t it’s healthy, fun and bouncy self (we as bouncy as 4c hair can be, of course). 

As you all know when my normal routines stop working, I turned to google. Google is your friend. I went on a mission to find out the best way for me to treat my damaged hair. Trimming and dusting came up and for a split second, I was terrified. I mean honestly, couldn’t the hair Gods see my struggle already. Now they wanted me to cut my hair? Anyhow, I decided to do more research on how to do it right! I needed to choose a struggle. It’s better to have short healthy hair than long struggle strands, lol.Sometimes, you have no option but to get familiar with scissors. My hair had lost its shine, length and I had lost a lot of length. After one look at my lifeless, scraggly ends, I got the hint

Why YOU Should Trim/Dust Natural Hair 

How To Trim/Dust Natural Hair

Since going natural there’s a lot I’ve had to unlearn about hair. Natural hair really requires your tender love and care. Most of you might believe natural hair doesn’t really need much and all you need to do is shampoo and moisturise with ‘hair food! That’s so not the case. If you are wondering whether it’s time for you to get scissors happy let me break it down for you. 

Split Ends 

If your hair isn’t just looking scraggly but has frayed frizzy ends when you do your twist out then it’s probably time for a trim. You have to remember to look at your routine and see if they are any products that could be causing this. If you’ve tried different products and changed your routine up a couple of times and still see no change – I am sorry to break it to you, it’s time.

Detangling Battles and Knotty Spots 

Is it just me or can natural hair be hella disrespectful? If you are having those annoying one strand knots in your hair that seem to break off with parts of your hair, girl,  its time. At some point, it seemed my hair was just made of knots. This made it extremely difficult to detangle and treat. Worst off my conditioners would try but I would still have these problems. If like me, you’ve got major tangles hanging onto the ends of your hair, do your curls a favour and just snip ‘em.

Length retention/Shape/Volume Issues 

You don’t have to have a lot of hair for your hair to have volume. Natural hair tends to have natural volume and shape. Oe of the ways to determine if your hair is due for a trim is by looking at its volume and length retention. 

How to Trim/Dust Natural Hair 


Two Strand Twist Method 

The two strand twist method is, in my opinion, the easiest way to trim natural hair. It allows you to focus on small sections at a time as seen in my Video. Two strand twists allow you to trim your frizzy, split ends whilst keeping the shape of your hair. This method of trimming and dusting your natural hair helps you trim the dry, knotted ends. 

Search and Destroy Method 

Okay listen, this method right here scares me. I don’t trust myself enough to search for split ends or knots and trim them individually. Before I scare you off, this method of dusting hair is really self-explanatory. Your search for your knots and split ends and individually snip ’em

Straight Hair / Blow Dry Method 

If you are one of my readers who is terrified of heat damage this method will probably scare you. You will have to blow dry your hair on medium to low heat them trim off the split ends. When I was doing my research I liked the idea od this method better. It allows you to comb out your hair and trim the split ends whilst keeping the natural shape of your fro! 

How To Trim/Dust Natural Hair-18

I hope all this info helped and please ladies, don’t shy away from your scissors. A trim and dust here and there will not do you harm. My hair has been recovering and it’s never looked better. Try it, you won’t regret it. 



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