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I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks now, eek. I’ve been trying to organise my life, I start exams soon and I don’t want to take a break from blogging because blogging helps me keep my sanity and honestly I would miss you all.

OMG I just realised me talking about organising my life is so relevant for this blog post grins with excitement, from my 18 years of experience with writing exams I’ve learnt, if you manage your time well you can achieve anything. I mean, make every single minute count!!!.

*Think about it you have the same amount of time as Kim Kardashian and she gets a moment to take a million selfies, you can do that too, lol.

NKB Study Tips

Manage your time wisely and stay organised 

Give yourself enough time to study, I get that some of us work better under pressure and that’s great but at least write your notes that way when its crunch time you’ll have all your resources together. Plan your day the night before, compile a TO DO LIST and try to achieve everything you set out to do on the list before you start procrastinating.

Organise your study space

You don’t have to tidy up your desk like your ocd friend if that’s not really your thing, just make sure you have all that you need, get rid of all the distractions, magazines, cellphone, tablet and in my case anything shiny and pretty, smh.

Use flow charts and diagrams

I am a visual learner and a lot of people are too, sometimes just the words in the book wont cut it. Use flow diagrams, charts, acronyms, try anything at all that would help you remember. If you don’t believe me then trust the women who came up with supply and demand tables in Economics, or  the man who drew the first 2 dimensional image of a heart. Imagine if you had to learn all that work without these aids.

Practice Past Papers

Now this TIP I am 100% sure about, without constantly practicing past papers I would have never passed physics in high school. When you write things down it helps you remember them, muscle memory I guess.  have also realised I am only sure if I have studied enough relevant work when I answer mock questions. Try it out and let me know how it helps.


You know me, I believe if you take good care of your body  it will work with you and not against you. When you are studying for exams you use a lot of energy and and it can be exhausting, from procrastinating, stressing, freaking out and finally working studying can be as tiring as running a marathon or worse which is why you need to stay hydrated,  eat right and give yourself much needed rest.

I hope you find these tips useful. I wish you all the est with exams. Kick ass, you are meant for greatness, for more studying tips and how to stay on track check out Studying Tips 1 and How to be productive

Here are printables to help you stay organised

To Do List Printables


Study Printables


November Calendar Printables



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