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Black Opal Stick Foundation

Oh hey, hello!!

I am taking a break from the mountain of work I have to do. One could even conclude I am procrastinating just a bit.

Its for a good reason though, so it should be acceptable. I have been using the Black Opal Stick Foundation more often than I normally do just so I can review it. *If you want to know more about the different kinds of foundation formulas, check out my  Makeup for Beginners post.

I only started using foundation when I got to University and the very first foundation I ever got was, you guessed right, the Black Opal Stick Foundation :-).

Black Opal is one of the best drug store, affordable foundations on the market for women of colour. They have a multitude of shades and one is bound to go with your complexion. Its creamy formula is unrivaled on the drug store streets, lol. If you are on the hunt for an affordable foundation that you can easily manipulate to give you just enough coverage and finish to have your face beat, this is it.

 This black opal foundations have SPF15, hypoallergenic formula which protects skin from UVA/UVB damage and if you’re one of those people that forget to put on suncreen its got you covered.

As you all know I have very finicky skin and whenever I go shopping I look for products that wont irritate or cause my skin to break out. The black Opal Stick foundation won’t clog pores and it blends smoothly to give you the flawless face you’ve always wanted. Its Paraben-Free and Fragrance-Free, I mean seriously!! Round of applause for the woman who came up with this formula.

Although the foundation itself says for all skin types I believe the Black Opal Stick Foundation is mainly for people with Normal- Dry Skin because its very rich and creamy which will make your face oily. If you have oily skin like me it will give a new meaning to the term ‘glow stick’ !!!! If you still determined to use it like me hides I suggest using a very good primer or their oil blocking gel or mattifying powder. I haven’t used the oil blocking gel yet but its on my Christmas wish list, “hi mum”!!

In short I love this foundation because

Miriam Maulana

Black Opal giving me life 😉

♥️ Great for women of colour #melanin

♥️it creamy, easily blendible and full coverage

♥️it’s portable, perfect size for your tiny bag

♥️you can use it as a concealer

♥️it takes minutes to apply, great for days you don’t really have time to do your make up

🌸if you’d like to see the swatches available check out The style and beauty Doctor’s review

Before I sign of I would really like to thank you all forthe support, I was recently interviewed on our University Radio Station and it was such an honor. The NK family keeps growing and I get to do all that I am doing because I have your support. If you would like to watch the interview, Its on he LOtv Channel on Youtube. Please check it out .

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  1. 04/11/2015 / 13:11

    Hey!! I’ve been beeen seeing this foundation on blogs. How much does it retail for and where can I get it?

    • Miriam Maulana
      04/11/2015 / 13:15

      Hey Lau,

      You can get it from clicks stores and it retails for R205 for the stick foundation and R215 for the liquid.

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