Menu Monday: Egg Salad Pita

Menu Monday: Egg Salad Pita 

Its Menu Monday once again, and I’m back with an easy and quick recipe for all you busy individuals out there. 


Some nights you just can’t be bothered to prepare a fancy meal, and that’s all good. You shouldn’t have to jump and order fast food or take out. Try do what’s right and make something quick and healthy. The great thing about cooking for yourself is you know exactly what’s in your food. I for one should know thinking up something quick and easy isn’t actually that easy. I get so stressed after a busy day and I have to think up what to make. I end up going to bed having had cereal and on some nights I go to bed hungry Hides.

My mum has tried to talk to me about making meals in advance and my response is always the same, “what if I don’t feel like having whatever is in the fridge that day”. So I decided if I could have recipes lying around of 10minute meals I would probably make time for that. 

Today’s Menu Monday meal is one you can make whilst taking a shower or taking a bath just before you settle into bed. I was on Pinterest recently (my new obsession) and I saw some nice breakfast pita sandwiches and I thought – what a great idea for dinner some of the sandwiches would be and so I put today’s Pita Sandwich together to try out my hypothesis. 

Egg Salad Pita Recipe 

Egg Salad Pita

Again we are going for healthy-ish meals here so I suggest you go for the Whole Wheat Pita bread to make this week’s Menu Monday: Egg Salad Pita. Now pita bread is very easy to “make”… You get it from the grocery store, pop it the microwave for 30 seconds or in the oven for a minute and voila. You have yourself warm pita bread heavenliness. 

I like making meals that are wholesome. I’ve learnt my lesson when it comes to not eating foods from certain food groups – I’ve been a vegetarian and I had a time I didn’t eat starch at all- but those are stories for another day. 

Today’s meal takes you as much time as it does to boil eggs. If it takes you an hour to boil your eggs (weirdo) then it’s going to take you an hour to make this, please I hope no one reading this is one of those people … I would be so hurt because you would have just taken the quick out of quick and easy. 


All you need to make this deliciously healthy sandwich are eggs, avocado, dijon mustard, red peppers, tomato and salt and pepper. You can even add some cayenne pepper for that extra kick. 



I prefer to put my Pita bread in the oven for the golden brown crunchy effect but you don’t have to, 30 seconds in a microwave will do justice. Now that you’re done showering and your eggs are boiled to perfection all you need to do is add your boiled eggs, avo, mustard, peppers, spring onions and tomato to a bowl and mix it all together. Cut your Pita Bread in Halves then add your filling. 

There you go ladies and gentlemen, you have a yummy, filling and healthy meal in no time at all. 


You have no excuses for ordering fast food. Enjoy this lovely Menu Monday: Egg Salad Pita with a glass of juice, wine or cup of tea and you can relax. Seriously choose your poison and relax. You can add or subtract any of these items and still have a great meal. 

Let me know how this tasted and feel free to tag me in your posts on social media. 

Thank you for stopping by. 





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