MAHI Leather – What’s In My Back Pack

Why I Need A Back Pack 

A couple of things have changed about the way I pack since becoming a blogger and YouTuber. I’ve pretty much had to say goodbye to the cute little small bags. Sometimes I could swear Canon Camera weighs about 2kg’s. Then you’ll need cables and lenses and portable chargers. Life is rough on these blogger streets. 

MAHI Leather

I didn’t want to say goodbye to style and class just because I need to be practical. This MAHI Leather backpack has been the best addition to my collection. I love bags and to be honest I’ve never been a small bag type of girl. The rant up there just made sense, lol. 

MAHI Leather

So let’s start with the bag, this is my go to one at the moment. I’ve been using this for a while now and I have to say I’m in love with it now just as I was the day I got it.  This MAHI Leather bag is the perfect size rucksack for when you just need to go for a shoot or you just need to get ou of the house for coffee and work. 

What I Carry In My MAHI Leather Bag 

In my handbag, I usually have all my beauty stuff, makeup, wallet and sweets, sunglasses and the whole lot more. Now that I have a backpack I use it to carry all my work stuff, a cool kid briefcase of sorts. My MAHI Leather bag fits my tablet, camera, chargers and cables. Everything I need for work. When it comes to bags I believe it’s all in the details. 

Can you carry all the stuff you need it, is it stylish, does it work with your wardrobe. I am a lazy fashionista, the last thing I need is a bag that stresses my life. I want to be able to use my bag without having to worry that I am blinding people with my choice of colours. 

MAHI Leather

This made to order suede leather bag was such a great gift from the MAHI Leather team. The nude colour works well and fits easily into my wardrobe. I mean it has my initials on it. My boyfriend wants one to carry around his work stuff and because I don’t know briefcases are just a tad too serious aren’t they? 

I made a new commitment to myself, I need to do better, get out of the house and share more with you all. I’ve been feeling stuck and one of my new resolutions (mid-year) resolutions is to eat more, lol. Change my office and meet people. 

MAHI Leather_-30

MAHI Leather

MAHI Leather

It has so many compartments and pockets. I can put my lenses, makeup, bank cards, wallets and everything else. Planning my youtube content has become easier. I get to leave the house less 5 bags (lol) and get inspiration all around me. 

MAHI Leather

If you would like to get one of these they have an amazing collection. You can check out on their website MAHI Leather 



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