Colouring This Life

A Spring Look 


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Colour Vibes Yellow : Clarity
enhances intellect, communication, discipline and decision-making

Spring as we all know come in the last quarter of the year, for me, symbolises the end of the struggle and a chance for a new start. The new year will be right around the corner. You know you’ve survived a lot by this time. This year has been so so so long for me, the emotional struggles and the growth that has come with it is enormous. Maybe that’s what adulting is about, challenging your ideals  and showing you life isn’t always a walk in the park. With everything that’s happened this year I have had to teach myself to work outside of my comfort zone, to laugh at life, be positive and good humoured. 


My mum always used to ask why I never wear colour and frankly it’s because I find it loud, complicated to match with other clothes. I want to throw on my clothes with as little effort in putting them together as possible and still look good. With colour, I think you’ll always have to think about what goes where. Like I said though the last bit of this year has been about moving forward and about pushing myself. Colouring this life as much as possible. 


Life is always going to be jam packed with challenges and sometimes the only way to move past all the BS is by not sweating the small stuff. Experimenting with colour for spring has brought me some joy, I get to feel good and look good but most of all I am keeping the promise to push myself and be true to the other side of me. The carefree, fun and playful side (don’t roll your eyes, I am serious) 


Take a moment to colour this life, make your life a vacation of sorts. Find comfort in the good and sometimes feel free to just say Fuck It and move on. 



I guess we can say this look and the others to follow have a lot to do with healing and confidence. A lot to do with having a good sense of humour and being comfortable enough with one’s feeling of vulnerability and insecurity. The vulnerability of spirit is nothing to be ashamed of, it essentially humility which is a good quality. 

I wore this look to Plettenberg for a VIP wine & bubbly festival and I really wanted to share it with you all. 

Always bear in mind that through it all you have to remember to be kind to yourself, affirm yourself, and love yourself, and in turn do so to others. Being thankful and grateful for everything will keep you happy and hopeful that there are more good things to come.

I hope you like my Spring Look. 

Happy Wednesday, 




  1. Zoey
    20/10/2016 / 14:07

    I am in love with those shoes!!!

    • Miriam Maulana
      20/10/2016 / 19:41

      Thank you Zoey… ❤❤

    • Miriam Maulana
      20/10/2016 / 19:42

      Thank Tanaka… I love them with a pop of colour, they bring character to an outfit right ??

  2. 20/10/2016 / 16:37

    I live this look! So bright! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Miriam Maulana
      20/10/2016 / 19:43

      Thank you Mwarianesu….

    • Miriam Maulana
      31/10/2016 / 13:29

      Thank you love, try it out and let me know how it is

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