Best Of Beauty 2016: Skincare Edition

Best Of The Best 

Yay, I am back with the Skincare edition of out best of beauty series. While I love everything about makeup and hair but skincare is close to my heart. I believe we all need to put extra effort when it comes to taking care if our skin. We are going to be in our skin till the day we die. LOL, your skin is figuratively your ride or die friend.  

Skincare Edition

My hunnies, if you do not take care of your skin it doesn’t matter what kind of products or tools you use. Your skin deserves TLC. It is forever exposed to the elements and it is important to take a time to learn about it and do right by it. 

Before we get started let me give you a brief history about my skin and tell you what my skin type is. Skincare is close to my heart because learning about my skin has changed a lot for me. I have managed to change my skin into the perfect canvas. 

I have oily, acne prone and highly sensitive skin. In winter my skin tried me out and is somewhere between combination and oily. On normal summer days, of which let’s m honest we have more hot days in Africa than we do any other kind of weather, you can use the oil on my skin to fry a family breakfast. 

My skin care routine has allowed me to manage my skin’s breakouts as well as it’s level of oiliness. I have a video of my Skincare Routine here . I use natural products for my skin on a daily basis but from time to time I deviate and use other products. My Skincare Journey started when I was still in high school but it was a situation og trying everything and not really taking the time to figure out what i needed. My knowledgeable journey started in 2015 and the results have been amazing 

My Skin Care Routine_-3

It’s important for me to take really good care of my skin, because let’s be real…this girl is getting older.  Ack, I just turned 25. Enough of the yapping, lets jump into the 2016 Skincare favourites. 

Best Of Beauty 2016: Skincare Edition

Skincare Edition

Sorbet Salon Skin 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil ♥R129.95

This is probably one of my favourite discoveries of 2016. Being a firm believer in the benefits of Double Cleansing, I was extremely excited to find this cleansing oil. It has become a very important product in my evening skincare routine (subscribe to my channel for the routine – coming soon). This cleansing oil doesn’t just cleanse your face but it nourishes too. Sorbet  out did themselves with this range. It has primrose oil and essential oils such as lemon, jojoba (which is great for oily skin), orange and bergamot. 

You just add 3 pumps of this oil onto your hands and apply it on your face. It melts away all your makeup, even the stubborn matte liquid lipsticks. It is very easy to use it leaves your skin feeling skin and moisturised, 

You will find the Sorbet Salon Skin Cleansing oil in Clicks Stores 

Skincare Edition

Sorbet Salon Skin 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water ♥R59.95

You’re probably wondering how I can have two products that basically the same thing. I am not even going try and lie to you guys, I am so lazy to take off my makeup sometimes. Using micellar water saves me so much time on those busy days. The days you get into bed, start falling asleep and remember you still have makeup on arg!  If you are not sure what a micellar water is or how to use it, take a look at this blog post .  It leaves my skin feeling super clean without stripping moisture or leaving any residue behind. An added advantage is this micellar water is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Skincare Edition

Freeman Beauty 5-in-1 Total Control Clay Mask ♥ R99.99

Face masks are a non -negotiable step in my skincare routine. If you don’t make time once or twice a week to mask your face, please start now. I like to indulge and treat my skin to a pamper session every Sunday. It helps rejuvenate my skin. This 5 minute mask for men is useful for those busy Sundays when I don’t get my hour of relaxation. I bought this as a way to get my boyfriend to join me on my pamper sessions. what could be better than movies, masks and tea. (He would probably say soccer, but whatever he isn’t the one writing this!)

Skincare Edition

Freeman Beauty Mint & Lemon Clay Masks. ♥ R99.99

This is my go-to baby. It is suitable for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. It’s like the freeman team made this with me in mind. This mask works wonders and I can vouch for this, because it was the ONLY mask I can use when my skin is acting up.   Leave it on for 20 minutes until it is dry, and then rinse with warm water or use a warm wash cloth to wipe it off. If you struggle with clogged pores, acne prone, or an oily skin, this mint & lemon mask will sort you out. 

Skincare Edition

Good Things Manuka Honey Refining Scrub 

I think they are trying to phase this out (OMG). I don;t know why brands do this to me. I love the Manuka Honey line. If you have any skin problems honey is the answer. I am always worried about trying out scrubs on my face for fear they might be too harsh on my skin. Don’t get me wrong you need to exfoliate your skin regularly. I usually use baking soda but I have to admit this oatmeal and sweet almond oil is the bomb. Oatmeal is calming to the skin. I use this as part of my pamper routine too.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare favourites. Have a great day.

Check back in on the blog tomorrow, as I’ll be loading my ‘Best Of Beauty 2016 : Bath & Body Edition’ blog post!  So many beautiful goodies to show you. 







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  1. Cinnamon
    20/02/2017 / 13:11

    Good day, started following this a blog weeks backs and absolutely loving it. I have save skin as yours and all these recommendations been working well. Now I am struggling to find a perfect day moisturiser. Please do help

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