Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bake

bacon and egg breakfast I’m totally obsessed with baked eggs for breakfast, if you follow me on Snapchat  (miriam_mich) you already know this. There is something amazing about my decadent bacon, sausage and tomato baked egg recipe. This scrummy home-made wonder will change you winter mornings. I don’t mind having oatmeal or toast in the morning before I start working or even the cold smoothie every now and again but I’m sure you guys can agree with me, they are some winter mornings  that your chi just needs that extra loving. 

A morning like today for example. My phone died last night and as if that wasn’t enough I woke up to a cold Port Elizabeth morning, fog and all 🙁 . I’m sure you’re think “I’m just another millennial fusing about technology” well maybe I am, but being on my phone is kinda my job 😀 .

 This breakfast egg marvel is both delicious and healthy-ish. It’s really simple too, you can make it with ingredients you probably already have in the fridge. If you are a young professional this breakfast will have you geared up and ready to slay your Goliath. 

Lol, you must be thinking who am I to teach you how to make eggs and bacon. Don’t worry I’m not here to teach I am just sharing an easy fast and convenient way to throw it all together. Whether you’re a busy mum, working professional or recently married couple trying to get up and out the door in no time at all this is the breakie for you.

This simple just eggs and bacon breakfast serves two, but if you have a huge appetite or if you’re having it without bread then it definitely feeds ONE. 


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    17/05/2016 / 16:45

    I am really impressed and looking forward to being able to prepare a quick breakfast alternating with my love for oats and smoothie. It will definitely be an added bonus. May I request you to send me the recipe.

    • Miriam Maulana
      17/05/2016 / 17:26

      Good Evening Doc,

      Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s always such a great pleasure to know I am helping out my readers(family). You are on my mailing so I will definitely forward the recipe to your inbox ❤️❤️❤️

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