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It’s  Truth Thursday’s ladies and gentlemen ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Let me talk to you 😊

We can’t ignore the factors in your life that slow down your growth or that seem to be standing in the way of you becoming as great as you want to be. It could be generational curses, it could be your financial situation , it could be the color of your skin, your social standing. They are so many things that could be in the way of you becoming great but let’s set that aside for this particular conversation.

I finish my first degree this year and as I’ve been making plans for the next coming year, All I’ve been able to do is cry. Why? You might be thinking, well it all seems impossible at this point and wanting it all and knowing I might not be able to get it all is, depressing.

I want to do my honors, finish off my LLB and start a business (lol, I know I should probably chase one dream but like I said I want it all.

This past weekend marked the return season of the EPL and most soccer fans were ecstatic at least those whose teams won. I’m a gunner so I wasn’t that lucky.

After the Arsenal game Sanchez who in all honesty wasn’t at his best during the game stayed on the pitch and started training !!! 😱😱😱

I mean seriously who does that 😂, I know I wouldn’t , training would happen just not soon after a game.A girl needs to rest and I think it’s this line of think thats “the problem”.

You hear it all the time, you read it in motivational books and you think it too but it’s just not the easiest thing to do .

WORKING HARD, if you set all the things like finances and the damn devil aside for just a minute are you doing your best, can you honestly say you are working as hard as you possibly can to achieve your goal.

Be it a weight loss goal, or passing exams or getting a drivers license. Are you in all honesty playing your part or do you get discouraged. In the last truth Thursday post we discussed that  its always too soon to quit and that’s true but what’s the point of not quiting if you aren’t going to put 100% of yourself into the work that you are doing?

There’s video my friends and I were obsessed with in out first year of varsity, the motivational speaker in this particular video said “if you wanted success as much as a person who is drowning wants to breath you would be successful…” If you fought for your dream the same way a person who is drowning fights for their  life, you would be successful.

My chemistry teacher in high school used to say, if you want to pass and you sleep for more than 4hours then you aren’t that serious about passing and it sounds insane but I think it’s true.

On pretty little liars (a TV series) this one girls mother applied to every single scholarship in their state because she was determined to make sure her daughter went to college despite their inability to afford it.

These are a few of the examples that show if you really want something you have to PUSH, PUSH and PUSH. Sometimes if opportunity isn’t knocking you have to built a damn door !!!

I’m sharing this because I’ve been asking myself this question for the past week. Before I go to bed and as soon as I wake up.

Did I do my best today, did I try my utmost best to achieve this goal, have I done all I possibly can??

I challenge myself to give 100% every morning

If things aren’t going well I want you to remember there is a time for everything under the sun. But I also want you to ask yourself,

“Am I working my hardest!!!”


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  1. Margaret Maulana
    15/08/2015 / 02:42

    Yaa of course hard work is the way to go. Wanting it all is a challenge but reality. How then do we balance the spiritual, emotional, physical self, work, leasure, for my guess is just as good as yours, it’s difficult for time management is like chasing the rainbow. But what ever it is balancing is what produces results.

  2. 27/09/2015 / 12:22

    This is so relevant… and ps you can have it all. #fromazimbabweangirl


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