5 sure ways to help YOU be PRODUCTIVE; confessions of a professional taker of naps !!! 

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Coffee is good, Coffee is great. Only problem is if you drinking it to get through the day when it finally runs out of your system it leaves you feeling worse than you felt before taking it and unfortunately that goes for most energy boosting drinks.

Coming from a professional taker of naps, being productive and having to feel bad for taking naps is exhausting. I can’t believe people live like this on a daily basis, lol.  Maybe exam season is not  like that for you but if it is, then I hope this helps.

One of my favourite teachers in high school always used to say, ‘If you still in school, you shouldn’t be sleeping for more than 4 hours”. I get what he was trying to say and when its necessary I follow this rule too. I get it exams suck sometimes but its part of life. You suffer for a few weeks and it passes and the cycle goes on and on like that for a while, but you suck it up and keep on keeping on.

I know that people say during exams you should sleep for at least 8 hours, I can never do that and its not because I don’t like sleep but because I know if I sleep for 8 straight hours its still not going to stop me from taking my afternoon nap. so i spread my sleep out. 4 hours in the evening and a good 2 in the afternoon and that’s how I manage.

One thing I have learnt about being productive especially after starting the blog and trying to make sure I balance blogging and school is we are all different and we manage differently too. Taking people’s advice is great, but make it factor into who you are and make sure that you are doing works for you.

If you have loads of work to do, or you feeling overwhelmed a tired. I have put together a couple of this you could do to manage the stress.

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Seize the day. Bite the bullet  Even though there might not be anything to be excited about, find something you can be excited about. Something that’s guaranteed to get you out of bed on time and with zero hustle. I know sometimes getting out of bed is just “mission impossible” but you can do it. For me its my litre of water followed by a cup of coffee and I’m good to go.

Get Out and Move. Whether you love to run, box or yoga, take this time to just be and focus on the activity that will release the endorphins that can create a happiness attitude. Going for a walk is a great way to break up your day of studying or work and will keep the mind fresh for new ideas. Moving will also help release the tension that has been built from the never ending battle of have-tos. and will help you sleep soundly so you can recharge the batteries for the next day. When you computer or phone is acting up you reboot it. Your mind is like a computer and sometimes it needs rebooting. I go window shopping, my desire to own the things I will see gets me motivated!!!

Healthy Eating. Eating healthy is tough when you feel out of control but trust me eating healthy is a must when your stress is at its highest. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are foods that can help manage your stress by creating a calming affect while sugars, fatty foods and caffeine can actually fuel your stress levels and the great thing is even if you are living in res (students), you can still get yourself fruits and whole grain cereal and protein bars.

Take Time For You. Meditation, going out for a cup of tea/coffee or even taking a bath to decompress after a long day will not only help you take time to focus on relaxation but also help with your sleep patterns giving you a good night’s sleep. It seems like waste of time if you have a lot of work to do but its worth it. You get back to work feeling energized and I believe taking a step back helps you refocus and you when you get back to it you have different perspective.

If you are writing exams and you feel this is a waste of time, take the time to test yourself.

One Chunk at a Time I know it feels like if you set gigantic goals you will get more done, i think it puts way too much pressure on you and as a result you end up stressing more than you actually work.  Big goals only make you feel burdened and stressed. They don’t help you get more things done.  That’s why its always better if you try to break your down goals into smaller manageable chunks. These small chunks allow you to focus on one part of the large goal at a time and structurally get the job done. This also makes the large goal look less intimidating and makes the process almost stress free. Break your work down to hourly goals.

Stay Focused An hour of concentrated studying is a billion times better than 5 hours of unfocused studying. So whenever you do work, simply make a commitment and stay focused. Put your head down and sleep when you feel you need to a 30 min nap can do wonders for you (omg, the number of times I’ve talked about napping is actually ridiculous, don’t mind me. Sleep helps me through, stress and a lot more of the worlds.s problems!!!

I hope this helps you all become more productive and to all the students writing exams,

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