You are what you eat they said, good nutrition is a fundamental building block for healthy skin they said. We’ve all heard this a million times before well I’m here to remind you all.

We all dream of perfect skin and a clear complexion. No one wants struggle skin, we all want it smooth, soft and blemish free.

I get it, I have oily, sensitive acne prone skin and every time I’m doing research on skin care and I read an article that says I should stop eating dairy products I just roll my eyes. Firstly, I love dairy products and secondly I’m still growing, I need calcium for my bones 😂 .. So I just pretend o didn’t just read that and skip to the next article.

That’s why I’m not going to start by telling you about what you can’t eat but what you should have more of.  Increasing your intake of certain foods clears your skin from the inside. It helps clear the toxins that cause blemishes, it nourishes your skin and adds the right amount of nutrients you need for either dry or oily skin.

Grape fruit makes the skin more firm and soft. It is also great for skin smoothness and elasticity! 


Pineapples are rich in anti oxidants, it keeps skin flexible and firm. The anti inflammatory properties in pineapple  help prevent break outs and its high vitamin c helps heal acne from the inside.


Oranges they help skin age well and they help protect your skin against damage. Oranges are great for skin texture and help clear blemishes. 


Apple an apple a day keeps acne away !!! Apples have toning capabilities they are good for toning and skin conditioning 


Tomato the red colour in tomatoes helps with circulation. They protect against sunburn. (Although you should still use sunscreen, tomatoes are you sunscreen from the inside 😂) 


Kiwi help prevent damage caused by the sun, pollution and smoking. Kiwi also helps improve overal skin texture 


Mangoes is great for growth and repair of skin tissue and protects against sun damage 


Grapes help with inflammatory skin conditions which help softer skin, acne, anti aging and skin rejuvenation!


Have one or more of these fruits daily and you will definitely see and feel the difference. Recipes on how to incorporate these Skin Benefiting fruits into your daily diet coming soon. Keep an eye out!!!!!

Soak this in, make it a 14 day challenge, you deserve the best. Keep the routine, be good to yourself, show yourself love. Remember you deserve the best out of this life, don’t give up, when you give up on treating yourself good you not giving up me you are giving up on yourself.

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