Splashes with Superblist

Splashes with Superblist

Splash with Superbalisyt

Its that time of the year, spring has sprung and summer is on its heels. The last thing you want is to have zero support on the beach. Port Elizabeth is dubbed the windy city but summer comes strong. I have been looking for bikini’s that don’t make me feel like a chubby wubby. 

The most important thing when it comes swim wear is support. Support, will forever be your best friend. From support comes comfort and from comfort comes confidence, so that you are free to enjoy your day on the beach or at the pool. 

I usually go instore for my bikini’s but you don’t always find what you want or feel comfortable in. Being bare most of the time and putting all of your insecurities out there isn’t easy. I have learnt to embrace it, and the best way to embrace your body and all it’s flaws is in being comfortable in your own skin. For a lot of us being comfortable means feeling secure in the extra skin we get for fun in the sun. 

I found some of the best swim suits on superbalist ‘Women’s Swimwear’  section, I found something I can be proud and comfortable to wear. 

here are some of my favourites 



These make me feel comfortable in my skin. I am proud to be a BBW. If you’re looking for a bikini or swimsuit that suits your needs be sure to check out the Superbalist Website for a better shopping experience on the app, download the app Android  or Apple and get a 250 rand discount as part of the first buyers discount. 


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