The TOPS Wine Show – The Greatest Show Unearthed

The TOPS Wine Show. 

TOPS Wine Show

First and foremost how about a standing ovation for The TOPS Wine Show, themed the greatest show unearthed and hell did it meet the standard. Being a blogger teaches you a lot of things, it pushes you to your limits and when things aren’t going too well an ordinary office job seems like gold. 

I’ve been in a slump for a “minute”now and going to the ‘greatest show unearthed’ pulled me right out. I know, it makes me sound like an alcoholic but it was amazing for me. There was so much hope, laughter, fun, creativity and just downright awesomeness. I promise you, I experienced #SauvignonBliss. Everything about the wine show was creative heaven, let’s set aside the art that goes into making wine just for a moment, I am talking about the creativity it took to set up the basement. 

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One intelligent creative walked into the basement of the boardwalk and instead of seeing concrete and parking stalls, they saw opportunity and possibility. I felt the same way I felt the day I published my very first blog post: I felt hopeful, excited and full ideas. It was like an electric pulse had gone right through me. I was in the place because of what I do, who I am (a blogger and creative). I work hard every day and sometimes I don’t realise how far I’ve come. 

Some people were honestly there for the education, being wine connoisseurs and all and some people were just there for the booze and hangover story. Nonetheless, the buzz in the venue was electric, the chit chat, the loud laughter, how comfortable strangers were enjoying the same thing- it was all an instant vacation. 

A moment to forget and be happy. It was all just a unique mashup of edutainment, I had the opportunity of meeting and having a chat with a winemaker #coolkidontheblock. 

TOPS Wine Show

My s/o says it was great and then blurry, that’s so true. After a couple of glasses, the wine gets all mixed up in your system. You start feeling it, you already know you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning with a wine flu (hangover). 

I guess being a Wine Show virgin really made this experience all the more special. I enjoyed every bit of it. I enjoyed talking to the representatives at all the wine stands. I made it my mission to taste their flagship red and white wines. After tasting as many of the flagship red wines as I could my hat goes off to the SPIER Creative block 5 2013

TOPS Wine Show



The complexity of the wine and the way it just sits on your palette is just true ART. 

I love wine and somewhere on my bucket list is a wine cellar. Once I own one and can give my guests a small history on the delicacy of the grapes and butteriness of the wood  I can die happy. 

Thank you to The TOPS Wine Show for an amazing tickle me pink time. And to the wine companies that managed to come hats off to you and your creative teams. 






    • Miriam Maulana
      08/08/2016 / 12:48

      Thank you Lu <3

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