Secrets To A Simple 4C Natural Hair Routine 

4C Natural Hair Routine 

Today I will be sharing mt Natural 4c hair routine.  I love my natural hair and every time someone compliments my hair line, look, colour. It makes me blush and I get so warm inside! Kudos to my boyfriend for pushing me to do the big chop. One thing I can tell you is natural hair isn’t all that easy to maintain. Whenever people think about going natural they think it’s going to be so easy and simple but Nah boo, natural hair is work.

Hatural 4C hair routine

I actually think my relaxed hair was much easier to take care of.  It didn’t tangle or shrink and it kept moisture.  After cutting my for the first time I believed natural hair didn’t grow. Building a wash routine has proved my theory wrong. Google is your friend ladies and gentleman. 

My hair has changed a lot this time around. I am aware of exactly what my hair requires to help keep it nourished and healthy. As a Naturalista living in South Africa, having the right wash routine is important because the weather is forever changing. I mean it, we can get all 4 seasons I one day and I am sure all my natural hair sisters are thinking WTF. The changing weather patterns have an effect on the hair and never the good kind. The weather can cause your hair to frizz, tangle & dry out.

4C Hair Routine

Secrets To MY Simple 4C Natural Hair Routine 

I am sharing what I do to keep my hair moisturised, soft and also to keep from breaking. I have colour treated which mean my routine should work for you too! We all need to keep then edges on fleek, lol.  Like skin, hair differs in type and composition. What works for my hair might not work for yours but it can work as a guide to building your own.

Wash Day

Shampoo and Condition

  • I start by rinsing out my hair with Luke warm water because  colour treated hair breaks when you use too much heat.
  • I apply my Conditioner and massage it into my hair then I comb through. (Hair experiences less damage when it is covered by conditioner)
  • Then I do the LOC method and style 😊

Daily Hair Routine 

  • I spritz my hair with water that is mixed with olive oil. It adds moisture to my hair. (saturating my hair with the olive oil water helps to fully re-moisturize the hair)
  • I also apply my hair oils from dark and lonely to my hairline (I will share the products soon)
  • I then apply olive oil and a cream moisturiser and style.

Monthly Hair Routine 

  • twice a month I shampoo my hair with shampoo, this is because I believe co-washing (using conditioner to wash your hair) doesn’t cleanse your scalp to get rid of all the sweat that builds up when you exercise or the dust that clings to your hair on those windy days

I hope my natural hair routine was helpful or inspiring, If you are thinking of doing the big chop, go the Nike way and “just do it”.

You will not regret it. (if you are interested in knowing what products I use for my hair you can check out my post on the LOC Method)

I will share more about my hair in the coming weeks and I will let you all know of any changes that I may have done and why.

Share your routine with us in the comment section, share any tips you might have too, I am a newbie natural and I still have a lot to learn.





  1. shamie
    23/02/2016 / 14:19

    u can use castor oil it helps to regrow hairline,

    • Miriam Maulana
      28/02/2016 / 05:36

      I have black castor oil and you are so right, it works wonders for the body

  2. 05/01/2017 / 07:39

    Yea natural hair is certainly harder to maintain.. i agree! i am also having issues with my hairline, eeish the struggle is real. I think i will invest in JBCO because the normal one has not been helpful. Thanks for sharing your tips & happy growing!

    • Miriam Maulana
      05/01/2017 / 08:12

      JBCO works wonders hey, I am currently testing out the Moroccan Black Castor oil. I wonder if it works the same… Will let you know

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