FEATURE FRIDAY| Stylin’ and Striving  Noluthando Dhlamini 

It’s Feature Friday NKB family, today’s fashionista is a girl after my own heart!!  Lover of tea, all things fashion and beauty and to top it off she is a devout Christian.

Her style is nonplus and amazing, so let me introduce you to the beautiful Miss Noluthado Dhlamini

 Tell us a little about yourself 

I am 22 years old studying towards a bachelor of social science degree. I love God, I aspire to always make Him famous but because I am human I fumble and fall all the time, however the best thing about God is that His mercy and grace is new every single morning.

I consider myself to be a private person and keep a very close circle of friends.

I value family, friendship, relationships.

I sing in the Rhodes Chamber choir and, singing is somewhat a hobby of mine

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring five fhings from your closert – what do you grab 

Trench coat to protect myself from the sandy wind

White Vest


Closed shoes, so the sand doesn’t get into my feet.

Sun screen

Do you have any fashion pet peeves ? 

Fashion pet peeve: those V skirts that came back into the scene OMG 🙈

What are the 3 make up or beauty products you absolutely can’t live without 

Cannot live without foundation, concealer and mascara
 Give the ladies readings this article fashion and beauty advice (how to stay true to the style, discover their personal style and still look good on a budget) 

The most simple advice one can ever give is to never try imitate anyone cause you’ll always try playing catch up with whoever the person is, you’ll get exhausted and broke aswell. So essentially build your own identity. Find things that work for you and put that together to form your own style.

What do you do to stay motivated  Only thing that keeps me motivated is prayer.

How would you describe your sense of style. 

I think my style is a sophisticated chic.

I hope you enjoy and find this week’s fashionista as inspiring as I do.

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(You can email me if you have a friend who you think is a fashionista and would like me to feature. It’s about inspiring and helping others find themselves 😊. Remember you are beautiful, being beuatiful is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out!! ❤️)


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    Enjoying these feature friday posts. Lovely blog!

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