Pick Your Pout: Lip Colours To Try This Season 

 Lipstick Ideas For Spring    Hello hello NKB family,

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When I was growing up I couldn’t wait to own my own stuff, lol. All the adults around me had facial stuff, nail polishes, lipsticks and loads more I couldn’t wait to have a bag of  my personal bits and bobs.

Lipstick Ideas For Spring  Now that I’m older, I have that bag of bits and bobs and my most prized possessions  in that bag are my lipsticks. I was playing around with them this past weekend and I thought I’d share my favorite lipsticks for spring on my little corner of the World Wide Web.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope you go bold, try something new and pretty your pout.

Lustrous Red 

 Lipstick Ideas For Spring  

Red is huge and has been huge. It’s one of those lip Colours that I don’t think will ever go out of style. It will keep re- venting itself. They are scarring numbers of red lipsticks. Blue base reds, orange base reds and others I can’t think of now which means there is a red lipstick formulated for every one.


Honestly a red lippy is something you should invest in and Ruby Woo is the Rolls Royce of affordable lipsticks. It’s a good investment, it’s the easiest way to update your look. A stand out pout will have you feeling great without even trying.

Bold Not So Timid Pink 

 Lipstick Ideas For Spring
A pop of pink on your lips just screams summer/spring. A pink lip just equals a high fashion face.

On my lips I have heroine, its purple and it’s one of my fave Mac lipsticks. Don’t you think I just rock it, lol? Well I do !!!you can go for heroine or any pink

Nude the LBD of Lips  Lipstick Ideas For Spring
New lipstick is endlessly chic and enduringly flattering. Whether you meeting the parents or going for an interview.Nude lipstick  is your one stop shop for any occasion. Neutrals/Nudes are the LBD of lips !!! Trust me of you find your perfect shade you’ll be hooked for life .

 Lipstick Ideas For Spring
As you all know sprint lips are bold. Have fun with orange, don’t blend in, make a statement with your lips. My friend thinks orange looks like a washed out red on your lips, I disagree. I think an orange lippy will give you just the pop you need.

That’s all for now from my bag of bits and bobs. Don’t forget summer lips are bold, so be bold this spring.

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