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Vault Cosmetics Vault Cosmetics Zimbabwe

Vault Cosmetics Zimbabwe

Hey Beauties,

I hope you are all having a holly jolly day. Was thinking it could be too early for yet another brush review then I thought about and in the spirit of Christmas shopping and gifting, I had to share these great vault cosmetics double sided work horses.

Vault Cosmetics

Vault cosmetics makeup brushes are affordable, high quality, easy to carry around and they are pretty.

Vault cosmetics is brand founded by a Zimbabwean former makeup artist Jackie Mgido and her aim was to make makeup products for the everyday sub-Saharan women whose had challenges finding makeup that suits her or her complexion. Their range of formulas is fresh, they have stunning colours and from my experience with their brushes, our dearest Jackie Mgido used all her knowledge about makeup to bring us products that embody the utmost quality.

New kid on the block

The vault cosmetics makeup brushes are soft and even though I have had them for more than a year now the bristles don’t shed, they keep intact even after washing plus they retail for $30

The application I get from these brushes is flawless and airbrushed. They are precise and consistent and it seems the longer I have them for the better they become, lol.

Review Newkidontheblock The Vault cosmetics double sided yellow and green foundation and powder brush has to be favourite of them all. The brush works well with any types of foundation: liquid, cream, stick and powder foundations. I use my brush to apply and blend my Black Opal stick foundation and I am smitten. It is so soft on my skin and compactness of the vault cosmetics bristles is a perfect blend for either high coverage application or light coverage. In comparison to the UBU powder brush I would say the vault cosmetics one walks all other it.

Review Vault Brushes

Their red double sided concealer and blush brush will be your new best friend. It is so soft and its shape makes it so easy for clear-cut, defined blush or contour powder application. I use mine for the latter.

Although their prices are affordable, I believe these brushes are value for money. The magenta ( I think) double sided eyeshadow and blending brush is

They the fluffy blending brush does and amazing job. However I think it is a bit too big.

The smaller brushes which include an angled brush, shading brush and an amazing flat brush that I use to clean up and highlight my eyebrows are all just as great.


Besotted as I am by these brushes I have a love-hate relationship with the fact that they are double sided. Love them because they are so easy to pack and travel around with, uou don’t have to move around with a million different brushes but hate them because they are so difficult to store when I’m at home.

I am still keen on finding other brushes that are just as great. I don’t like washing my brushes and the more sets I have the less washing I would have to do constantly.Please feel free to share your favourite brushes with m and other beauties who might be interested. If you are in Zimbabwe and you’ve been looking for a set of brushes that is affordable and allows for flawless makeup application or if you’d like a set of Vault brushes be sure to check out their website. The products can be shipped to you too.


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