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Black Opal Concealer 

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black opal total coverage concealing  foundation
As you all know, I am all for nEditatural beauty and for loving the skin you are in but its Christmas right, tis the season for parties and get togethers.

Ke December Boss and everyone wants to look their best, you don’t want that zit or acne scar to have you feeling any less beautiful than you already are.

Black Opal Concealer 11

Well I’ve been using another product from the ace of cosmetics, BLACK OPAL. The Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation is part foundation part concealer. This product is made for women of all ages, it’s dermatological tested, hypoallergenic and it conceals the skin evenly.

Its creamy, soft and moisturizing formula makes it easy to apply and blend. It makes the skin look brighter, fresh and flawless.

Black Opal Concealer 20

Like any other cream product however I have to say it is rich and if you have oily skin you might have to consider using a mattifying primer or setting spray.

The Total Coverage Concealing Foundation is part concealer part foundation cream is light, you can just use it apply on blemishes or those parts of your face you want to hide. Its light feel makes it ideal for hot summer days. I apply the concealer the  along the bottom of your eye after long night off blog planning or studying

I have hazelnut and rich caramel which I use for highlighting and contouring. the black opal concealer is great for highlighting because it doesn’t crease plus its creamy formula makes it easy to blend. I use a lighter concealer because on days that i have unwittingly picked at a pimple, a lighter concealer helps cover the redness of that pimple.

I will share about the different kind of concealers and their differing uses soon. In the mean time make your way to clicks or Edgars for this amazingly formulated, light foundation concealer.


If you decide to spoil yourself to black opal products for Christmas be sure to check out my BLACK OPAL FOUNDATION REVIEW before you head out.

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