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I have always walked around clicks isles and seen the Sorbet Bath and Body  Products and on more than One occasion I’ve been tempted to purchase the Sorbet Body Scrubs yet I would always walk out without them. As you all know I am an Oh So Heavenly girl and my love for their products is undeniable. I love sweet fruity scents, my allergies genuinely cannot handle strong, flowery scents and that the category the Sorbet Bath and Body Products fell under as far as I was concerned. 

On my recent, unnecessary visits to clicks, I challenged myself to buy something different, get out of my custom zone and try something new. I understand brand loyalty but how can you ever find good products if you are too comfortable to try out new things, right. 

Anyway I bought the Sorbet Smoothing Body Scrub and the Cleansing Body Scrub and ran out of there like my pants where on fire, why you ask, I was too afraid I would change my mind and buy what I was used to. The Sorbet Body Products are the love child between Clicks and the Sorbet Body experts. That has to count for something right. 

LOL, you must all think I’m crazy. I mean who goes through that kind of process just to buy a body scrub, especially since you can just DIY it!!! Allow me, mmmkay. 

I have rambled enough, lets jump into the mini body scrub review/first impressions

Sorbet Cleansing Body Scrub

Sorbet Cleansing Body Scrub 200ml (R44.95). Although the months are getting cooler and the Eastern Cape is slowly embracing winter, we still have those really hot days, were at the end of the day your skins feels clammy and dirty. Even if you still smell great you feel exhausted, sweaty like you were digging holes all day. I have those days and at the end of those days all I want is an invigorating, relaxing shower. You heard me, a shower and not even a bath because I feel to dirty to lie in a tub with all that dirt and grime. 

I chose the Sorbet Cleansing Body Scrub because I figured it would be the perfect product for my clammy days. I was hoping it was going to be an answer from the sweat gods and boy was I right. The Cleansing Body Scrub is just replenishing. This lime green body scrub is sweat to the smell but not over powering, its fresh and summery. This anti-oxidant rich body scrub is made of green tea, melon (which is rich in Vitamin C) Avocado oil and Vitamin E oil. These are the best ingredients to jump-start your skin. 

The Sorbet Body Scrub is a mild exfoliant, the granules are fine which allows you scrub and exfoliate your skin without irritating it. I use a loafer and those exfoliating gloves every evening and I still love the feeling of this scrub on my body. You are guaranteed to feel clean, energized and fresh. I love the packaging as well. I can keep the scrub in the shower in case of emergencies and not have to worry about the label coming off. 

Sorbet Smoothing Body Scrub

Sorbet Smoothing Body Scrub 200ml (R44.95). From the moment I read smoothing I had to get it. I figure most scrubs help make your skin smoother but if it actually says smoothing on the bottle then I suppose you are surely getting a lot of bang for your buck right? I’ve used this scrub once. i am on a body care journey and so I am trying to get into the habit of following a full routine for my body as I do my face. Just holistic caring of one’s self . The Sorbet Smoothing Body Scrub is an energizing, peachy body scrub. It smells delicious. The neroli oil scent is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. After taking a bath with this scrub, I felt fresh enough to get back to blogging and researching on photography. It was the perfect break. 

The body scrubs are hydrating and gentle on the skin. Clicks and the Sorbet team promised a spar experience at home and I believe I got that with these two scrubs. 

I was impressed enough that the next time I go Bath and Body Shopping I will be sure to check out what is on the Sorbet shelves. The scrubs have become the products I reach for when I need a time out or after a long day. 

The Sorbet Body Scrubs are available in Clicks Stores 

Have you tried any of the Sorbet Body Scrubs ? What did you think ? 




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  1. 22/04/2016 / 14:15

    I’ve tried the “Energising” one. LOVE! I love the smell of it and the way it makes my skin feel. Sorbet is my new must have!

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