Adrenalin Addo – South Africa’s Longest Double Zip Line


Adrenalin Addo has to be the best fun I’ve had all year. It’s a bit sad but its true. Like I mentioned in last week’s blog post  Paidamoyo (my friend) drove down from Capetown to visit me and other than stuffing our faces with food we went to Adrenalin Addo. 

Some people believe such thrill seaking is insane and they wouldn’t partake in such adventures even if their lives depended on it. I think I could classify myself as adventurous. Lion Walks? Big Swings? Bungee Jumping? Zip-lining? Elephant Rides? sign me up. I love pushing myself, facing my fears and taking leaps. 

Adrenalin Addo is the perfect place to go with friends, trust me, if you’re a fellow Adrenalin junkie you’ll enjoy being here. 

The trip there was long for me, maybe it’s because we drove past the turn off and ended up lost but it was long and hot. As if driving for 20mins more than you had to wasn’t bad enough some A** almost drove us off the road. I mean seriously, Stop signs are there for a reason. 


I remember so annoyed but too terrified to shout or scream. We finally got to adrenaline addo and were greeted by the sweetest lady , she was funny and sweet. We felt really welcome. We paid for two activities, The Big Swing and Zip Lining.

Adrenalin Addo

The big swing was such and exhilarating experience that involved being hoisted up 18 metres high and then released into a sudden free fall for several seconds, before being swung to new heights. Whilst watching Paida do it I didn’t see how the swing could be scary. It was only whilst on the swing an being pulled up that I realized d just how far the ground was. Fortunately it was too late to change my mind. i was swinging before I could change my mind. 

Getting to the zipline was painful. It involved a 20 min hike and coz I am so unfit it hurt like hell. We got to the top and my chest was on fire. The Zip line, has 500 metre wires which it the highest, longest and fastest double zip line in South Africa. We braved the zipline and because if the big swing experience, zip-lining wasn’t as scary.

She handed us those forms they give you so you sign your life away (indemnity forms), we signed them without a second thought and were ready for our adventure. I was having fun from the moment i suited up. It’s amazing how much fun you can have enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Adrenalin Addo-15 Adrenalin Addo-16 Adrenalin Addo-12 Adrenalin Addo-2 Adrenalin Addo-9 Adrenalin Addo-5

Adrenalin Addo 

Some might call me a thrill seaker and some an adrenaline junkie but being at Adrenalin Addo was good for my soul.
Although that swing was terrifying I learnt a couple of things whilst facing my fear of heights and taking risks. 

♥ Life is short (we almost had an accident) , try not sweat the small stuff, smile and move on. 

♥ Sometimes you need to take a leap and hope it will be good for you. 

♥ Sometimes you wont know just how strong you are unless you push past your fears. 

♥ Believe in yourself. Your mummy raised you right, you’ll make the right decisions. 

♥The hardest part is starting once you start sometimes it all gets easier. Make an effort and start !!!

♥ You only have the limits you set to hold you back. 

The next time you are in Port Elizabeth, head on over to adrenaline addo and share what you learnt with us. I am glad I did it and I do not regret a single cent spent that weekend. 

Cheers to life and friends. 

Remember to live a life you love. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. 








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