Brunch at Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant


Good Morning  and Happy Monday, from Zip lining at Adrenaline Addo to brunching at Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant this past weekend has been, by far, one of the best weekends I’ve had in the longest time. It’s got me reeling with emotion. My Friend/ God Mother to my First Born drove down from Capetown to see me. we are both food lovers so there can never be great fun without trying out new restaurants or just little food corners. 

Grass-Roof-Farm-Stall-Restaurant - Copy

That’s my friend in the Burgundy dress, I wonder what she was saying!!!!

Grass-Roof-Farm-Stall-Restaurant Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant

As she was planning the journey down one of the things I had to do was research places we could eat good food here in Port Elizabeth and thanks to my S/O’s dining choices our tourist souls will forever be grateful. 

Dining in Port Elizabeth is fun for me, they have way more restaurants here than we had in Grahamstown plus they have these little hidden germs whose menus will blow your socks off. 

Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant has become somewhat a landmark in Port Elizabeth, this beautiful out-of-the-way restaurant and cafe is unique. They serve fresh, delicious food in an outdoorsy environment, I swear even the air felt lighter and although it was cloudy and gloomy something about this grass and wild flower pitched roof restaurant made the day brighter.

Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant


We got there at 1110, which was just in time, because they stop serving breakfast at 1130. You might be thinking, “come now Miriam you had ample time”. The restaurant was full, I guess from the breakfast rush so we had to wait for a table to clear so we could eat.. we were seated in about 5 mins which meant we were probably the last tabel to order breakfast. 

There was acoustic music from “WRITTEN IN SCARLET, they played hit songs and sang us through our meal. We got a table closest to the two wonderful ladies and at first I have to admit I thought is would be two loud for me but its was quite delightful. I found myself boping my head and singing along all through brunch. 

Grass Roof Farm Stall and Restaurant

Apart from out grumpy waiter, the food was good and so was out time spent there. when I have all the money in the world and a car, I will make grass roof a Sunday tradition or at least till I’ve tried everything on the menu.

Grass Roof Farm Stall serves breakfast, light meals, wood fired pizzas plus they have an extensive and well-balanced wine list. 

The humans I was with were starving and by the time I finished taking pictures of my food they were almost done devouring theirs so unfortunately I will only be sharing my plates. 

3 egg omelette

I was so excited to eat here that I decided to order two plates of food hides.  I know what you are all thinking ” a moment on the lips but a lifetime on the hips”. 

I ordered their 3 Egg Omelette and chose 3 filling options. I chose smoked Salmon, Cheese and Tomato because whats an omelette without that decadent fruit. 

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I also treated myself to a Mocha chino which is coffee and hot chocolate. I couldn’t resist the temptation. the breakfast was so good I just had to have it with a cup of coffee. 

Grass-Roof-Restaurant (27) - Copy

Just to be spicy, I also ordered a flapjack stack with ham, yogurt and fruits. In my defense , i ordered it to share but the people I was with refused to share. they said some silly nonsense about being full, rolls eyes. 

Grass-Roof-Restaurant (17) - Copy

There was a refreshing cup of OJ in the mix too. LOL, I think I was eating my feelings coz seriously that was way too much food. Hides 


Grass-Roof-Restaurant (28) - Copy

Grass-Roof-Restaurant (24) - Copy

All in all (even with the horrible service from our moody waitress)  the experience was great. I enjoyed their food, the coffee and the acoustic music. It could all be because of the great company I was with but I will give praise were its due. I would go back. 

Grass Roof Farm Stall also has a gift and farm shop. I managed to take a couple of pictures. 

Grass-Roof-Restaurant (37) - Copy

Grass-Roof-Restaurant (34)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if so feel free to like, share and comment down below to tell me what your favorite things to order in restaurant are. 


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