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Oh So Heavenly Haul

Afternoon NKB family, 

If you’ve been following the blog for a long time then you know OH SO Heavenly products are an obsession of mine. I’ve been singing praises about OH SO Heavenly products for as long as I can remember, I am such a sucker for affordable but good quality products. Because I am such a big fan of their products every time I head to clicks  I cant help it but buy a couple (wink wink) of things.

The Oh So Heavenly products have a reputation of not only being affordable and high quality but for smelling “Oh So Heavenly”. Their amazing formulations and pairings of scents and flavors are out of this world. You will feel great and smell great. 

I believe the way we smell affects our confidence greatly, think about that one day you got the ” Oh my, you smell good”, complement; you sit up straight and even your walk changes. With Oh So heavenly you are guaranteed to smell delicious. 

Oh So Heavenly Haul Oh So Heavenly IMG_7023

Their philosophy is:

Fragrance – they believe in the power of beautiful fragrances to evoke memories and bring alive dreams. Its about looking great and feeling great! Value – they believe in making women feel they are getting more than they paid for.

Maybe I am biased but I believe they have managed to that. I want to share my reviews of the bits and bobs I bought this month so grab your cup of green tea and lets chat…..

Oh So Heavenly Body Oil

Oh So Heavenly

Oh So Heavenly Repairing Body Oil R72 : I am an advocate for loving your body just the way it is or if YOU are personally uncomfortable coming to a point at which you are comfortable and happy with what you see in the mirror.  Tissue Oil as we all know plays the part of getting rid of scars and stretch marks and that great but that not what I use it for and I am therefore not going to review it from that point of view. 

I use tissue oil as when I am still slightly wet as a way to lock moisture into my skin. The dream is to get to a point of perfection as far as moisture in my skin goes. Before we talk about great the body oil is can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging. OH SO Heavenly is bringing it on these streets, I mean seriously they ain’t even playing. 

Formulation & smell : It is an intensively moisturizing oil with about 7 different essential oils in it. It has Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Lavender Oil. It is also very light and not too oil its airy and it smells great. its rich in vitamin C and I have to say I prefer it to most body oils on the market. 

Oh So Heavenly IMG_7019

Oh So Heavenly Lotion

Oh So Heavenly Stay Beautiful Lotion  R27This lotion is rich and light, I have no idea how they managed that but the lotion feel light on your skin . Most people will attest to the fact that any good lotion is meant to be moisturizing to the skin. It should provide the skin with the right amount of moisture whilst still allowing your skin to breath.
A good lotion leaves you feeling clean, confident and in my own opinion a good lotion should smell great too.
The Oh So Heavenly products do just that. This Lotion ticks all the boxes and more.

Formulation & Smell : It feels like velvet on your skin. Its rich yet easily absorbed into the skin, it has soy and acelora cherry which are rich on pro-active antioxidants. Its has a woody hint of chamomile, vanilla and patchouli. I love anything that smells like vanilla, it automatically draws my senses to a happy place. 

Foam Bath Oh So Heavenly IMG_7012

Oh So Heavenly Merry Moments Foam Bath : Yes, Yes you are right this is foam bath is part of the Oh So Heavenly Christmas collection. The story about the purchasing of the merry moments foam bath is kin’of funny. 

Here it goes: I don’t have a tub !!!!

You might be think the F did you get the foam bath for but I could resist, it smelled like a piece of cherry vanilla  cake. From the moment I saw the absolutely adorable little bottle I had to have it. Plus I could always use it whenever I visit someone who has a tub right, lol!!! 

Viva la Vanilla Body Spritzer Oh So Heavenly IMG_7021

Oh So Heavenly Viva la Vanilla  Decadent Body Spritzer : Long live vanilla for sure, I believe smelling good is just good manners and vanilla scents are amongst my favourites. I like how exotic and oriental vanilla can be. It can take you to a calm, happy and intimate place without even trying. 

The Viva Vanilla spritzer is addictively comforting, I have had day strangers ask me what perfume I use the Oh So Heavenly Spritzers and whenever I tell them that its just a body spritzer they don’t believe me. You can use before you go to bed so you smell good when you meet prince charming. 

Its been nice chatting to you all, do you have any favourite OH SO HEAVENLY BODY PRODUCTS? Well let me know and  until next time : 

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