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Okay in a bit we will discuss Sleek Makeup but for now, Holy Moly, you guys have no idea how great it feels to be blogging again. Have I ever told you you guys are my happy place. Blogging is what I love to do, it makes me smile, I determine what its like, they’re no disappointments or denials. I love it. 

As you all know I am slight lippy junkie, lipstick is my kryptonite. If i see it and it suits me I will buy it. Today I am here to talk about these really lovely lippies from sleek cosmetics. I bought one, wore it once and I was hooked. 

I have to admit this wasn’t the first time i’d tried the SLEEK lippies, its just the first time I used them right. Every other time I would use their ” Matte Me”  they would crack up and my lips would look awful. Till I decided to brace it out the other day. 

There are gorgeous lipsticks, and then there’s this beauty.  Lippies that prompted social media pandemonium, they blow some high-end lipsticks out of the water, I have to say I am astonished by how at their price range they haven’t established themselves cult status. Here I am talking about the lip creams like they are the only products I bought, no I added my VERY FIRST eye brow kit. 

Now listen to me for just a second, if you do not own a brow kit, go get one. It’ll be the best decision you ever make. 


Sleek Makeup Sleek Makeup 2


I know some women might disagree but sometimes your eyebrows need some sort of help especially if you are going for a flawless makeup look then filling in and grooming your eyebrows will make that happen. Okay, let me start by admitting that I was one of the biggest skeptics of filling in eyebrows. I don’t know what it was that put me off, I was genuinely terrified. I mean what if it all went horribly wrong, you know like it did with some people, lol!! Then something happened and I turned eyebrow pencil filling and it worked out well and on a day I am in a rush its still my go to product. But I have come to the realization for easy, flawless styling to accentuate you eyes an eyebrow kit is the perfect thing. 

The Sleek Makeup Brow Kit ( Extra Dark 819 is $20) and so far I love it, the work it does is just amazing. I will review as soon as I have another kit to compare it to. 

Matte Me Petal

Sleek Matte Me – Petal $13: So the “Matte Me” line is great but their nude lippies are just out of this world. Evrytime I have this on everyone asks me what  am wearing and this is inclusive of strangers, I kid you not. I love how simple it makes my makeup look, I feel natural and just gorgeous. Its effort without putting effort, wink wink. 

Matte Me Birthday Suit

Sleek Matte Me – Birthday Suit $13 There are gorgeous lip cream, and then there’s this beauty.  It prompts social media pandemonium, blows other high-end lipsticks out of the water, and has established a cult status for itself. This is the sleek Matte Me lip cream. It doesn’t crease and it lasts so long on your lips. Line your lips with a brown liner, slap this on and hey… someone might want to see you in you birthd……., lol that just took a turn huh ? lol !

Matte Me Brink Pink

Sleek Matte Me – Brink Pink $13: Brink Pink is a vivid neon pink, so bright it’s on the brink. Its highly pigmented matte lip cream and its my least favourite which is disappointing because I was so keen to have a hot pink lippy and its the perfect colour but it always seem to crack up on my lips. 

Sleek Makeup 7

Sleek Matte Me – Party Pink $13: These ultra smooth matte lip creams are so pigmented and for that Sleek deserves a bells. I love this orangey pink lippy because its so different. I love experimenting with colour and they have allowed me to do so at an affordable price. I wish they had the other shades on Zimbabwe when I purchased the products mentioned above. 


HEY DID I TELL YOU, Their lippies aren’t tested on animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!   What are YOUR current Lip Cream favourites?

P.S. ….. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Rihanna’s ANTI album? Thanks !!


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