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A Birthday Trip to Kruger National Park – 


Oh my, how I wish the weekend was made of four or even five days and we had two days to work instead. Kruger National Park is home to the Big 5 animals: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos.  Speaking as one of those people that have probably been on too many game drives, safari tours, and even horse rides through the bush, I have to say Kruger National Park ranks amongst the best experience of my life.  Because the universe doesn’t understand the need for rest and fun we had to do all we could in a time space of about 48 hours, yes you heard me 48 HOURS. 

Everyone who was going on the trip went to work like there was nothing to it, we were all in Johannesburg by 2100hrs and had to drive down to Hazyview in time to sleep and wake up for our 0515 game drive with Siyabona Africa . Due to some hick ups here and there we ended up leaving Johannesburg at about 2330 and arrived at our destination  and home for the weekend Hazyview Cabanas at 0330 which meant we didn’t have all that much time to sleep before we had to be up at the rise of dawn. 

Kruger National Park

It was a new experience for me, my very first adult trip without my Mum and our family. I felt exhausted but also way too excited for the experience. Some of my friends decided they weren’t going to sleep but I was going to squeeze in as much down time as I possibly could. Woke up at 0430 to shower and get ready. 

Kruger Birthday Trip_-28 Kruger Birthday Trip_-31

Our tour guide picked us up in one of those SAFARI open trucks and we froze our tooshes off for about 18km on the way to Kruger. I have never been that cold in my life, the wind from the open  safari truck was ice cold and hitting our faces at about 100km an hour. For the whole ride there I was asking myself why I had even thought taking part in this safari drive was a good idea in the first place, I mean it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen animals before right. As my friends laughed and joked and kissed their teeth about how cold we were in the back seat I was as quiet as a mouse trying to concentrate on not freezing to death. A thing that was soon forgotten as the game drive began at about 0700HRS 

Kruger Birthday Trip_-43 Kruger Birthday Trip_-45 Kruger Birthday Trip_-57

The smiles on our faces are a result of the warm sun on our faces, we were so happy to feel the cold melt from inside our bones, LOL. 



Kruger Birthday Trip_-87

Kruger Birthday Trip_-68 Kruger Birthday Trip_-80 Kruger Birthday Trip_-72 Kruger Birthday Trip_-93 Kruger Birthday Trip_-117 Kruger Birthday Trip_-124 Kruger Birthday Trip_-125 Kruger Birthday Trip_-143 Kruger Birthday Trip_-146 Kruger Birthday Trip_-155

About three hours into the drive we had to stop for breakfast at MUGG & BEAN Lower Sabie Rest Camp Kruger Park. If you’re wondering why we seem to be roasting ourselves in the sun it’s because we are still in need of the sun after that unbelievable experience in the morning. 

Kruger National Park

The afternoon ended with heat exhausted individuals so not a lot of pictures were taken after the breakfast. It must have been the ITIS too. The game drive ended at about 1530HRS. 

We stayed at Hazyview Cabanas and it was lovely, the place is beautiful and so is the self-catering accommodation, there is a picnic area, gaming area, table tennis and mini golf section and a whole lot more. If I had to do it again I would stay for a couple more days. 

Kruger Birthday Trip_-195 Kruger Birthday Trip_-229 Kruger Birthday Trip_-228 Kruger Birthday Trip_-222 Kruger Birthday Trip_-202 Kruger National Park

What a short but absolutley blessed weekend we had, I laughed so much is was therapeutic. Extremely good for my soul, a vacation and a great way to rejuvinate. We decide to do one last crazy thing before we had to get back to all the BS, you know bills, work, life and surviving. 


Perry’s Reptile Park

Yes you guessed right from the heading, one of my friends decided it would be a good idea for us to go to a darn reptile park and you know me. I never say no to fun, adrenaline and adventurer so I was all in. I even decided I would pay to HOLD the actual snake. Crazy but I loved it. I have to confess I was shaking like a leaf, my face wont show but I was terrified. 

Kruger Birthday Trip_-328

Kruger Birthday Trip_-262 Kruger Birthday Trip_-267




  1. Constance
    23/11/2017 / 11:36

    What a very beautiful place,it’s breath taking may I ask what camera did you use to take pictures of the wildlife

    • Miriam Maulana
      06/12/2017 / 11:29

      I used my canon 700D

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