“If man doesn’t want to be a boss he’s not a real man”_Dame Dash

Truth Thursdays

Ola lovelies, Its TRUTH THURSDAY.

“If man doesn’t want to be a boss his not a real man”

The words made famous by former Rocka Fella CEO Dame Dash. And I subscribe to these sentiments at my own discretion, now hear me out.

You hear lots of people boast, “my boss has 10 houses in Sandton, my boss has a Yacht ,my boss has a Ferrari”. The question becomes soooo are you really deriving yourself worth from making another man rich???

Starving artists 🔜 celebrity
Loser 🔜 Heroes

Human beings have the tendency to praise finished articles. Celebrities are idolised and marveled for living the life that we all want to live, big houses and fast cars right?

Whether you choose a path in the construction business (awe my BEE!!!), to be a rapper not Ifani of course, be an actor , you have to put in your 10 thousand hours to be sucessful. You have to want it that bad.  But what’s that one thing you fear…..Failure. “If I don’t make it that means I would have failed”.

How am I going to make the rent? (Rent officially late on the 5th) . How am I ever going to make it. Your friends urging you on let’s go out and all you have is that R50 for Eskom or are you going to be the one thinking what is it going to do for me  with so many affluent people in my field or are you going to use it to your advantage and use the light to write down a forecast for were you want to be in a year.

Now its these small decisions that influence our holistic picture of execution,with no real plan going forward of course you are going to fail dummy, be very afraid.

Its all about working to your strengths if you are stubborn work to your stubbornness, if you lazy find a way to make the hard workers around you do the job for you, you definitely won’t be the first, if you tactical strategize the hell out what others don’t see around you.

The principal through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in the lifetime if you depend entirely upon your own efforts for success

Would you rather someone pay you a misley R10000 a month for a year when tertiary cost you over a half a million rand. Or would you rather spend  time interning for nothing to perfect your craft and become the master of your own destiny.

No one man is smarter than the next, its the one who works hardest who achieves success

Now you think but how do I get the capital ? The answer becomes how much do you want it??? Have you tried? Are you giving up after you 10th try?? Ye things don’t come that easy. I refer you to Star bucks denied by 190 plus odd banks but the one said yes, how much do you want it??

I don’t have the knowledge….that’s excuses galore the creates teacher in the world has everything for you I refer to Google you will learn more than any Lecturer from Stellenbosch could ever teach you.

It boils down to self belief. Can you keep tunnel vision, Consistency is all you ever need. “Friends or Money” you can’t have both.

“My people perish because they lack knowledge”

Take the time to look outside your circumstance and a TODAY not tomorrow to becoming a boss. Nothing is a given , you have you have to go out and get it.

Carpe Deim Now!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, its from a guest author


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