FEATURE FRIDAY: Jack of all stages_ Ashwyn The Performer

Feature Friday with Ashwyn Mberi

Happy Friday Fashionistas ,

Today is FFFFFFEEEEATTTURE FRIIIIDAAAAY, and as you all know it’s the Nextkidontheblock Fashionista Style Feature. The day we  feature and celebrate  the amazing individuals who are brave enough to express themselves through the way they dress.Uhuru and Feature Friday Fashionista Ashwyn Mberi

Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality, it is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. I know today’s fashionista/Fashion Bomber for his panache, sophistication and dashing sense of style. He is hard working, ambitious and charismatic.feature Friday Csquared Menswear

Meet Ashywn Taurai Mberi my brother from another mother, this gentlemen’s elan style causes stylish hearts to skip a beat. His sophisticated, tailored and suave sense of style will catch your attention, be it on stage or on the streets he is forever expressing himself.

Tell us a little about yourself

Ashwyn Mberi Nam Awards PresenterMy Name is Ashwyn Taurai Mberi. Psychology and drama student at the university of Namibia.I’m a Namibian theatre and film awards poetry nominee. Host of the Namibian annual music awards for 2014&15 .Tv presenter for two shows Opportunity Knocks which is a business show and Legends of Change a show focused on individuals making an impact on Namibian communities.I’m also a voice over artist and the radio voice for Tafel Lager Namibia

I’m a charismatic man .Usually aloof socially but that comes with the business.I interact with people when I feel we can add value to.each others lives..other than that I’m ambitious and if you catch me at the right time I’m the life of the party.If you catch me

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring five things from your closet — what do you grab?

Ashywn the performer I’d grab a scarf,boat shoes ,jeans,a white shirt and a coat

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

Feature Friday Ashwyn Mberi and Slimfit
Don’t like it when men wear their watches on the right,when the belt and the shoes don’t match ,a suit without a pocket square and wearing white socks with a dark suit

What are 3 make up or beauty products you absolutely can’t live without.
Ashwyn Namibian Music Awards Presenter My makeup artist insists on good foundation working on tv that’s really important because oiliness is unbecoming, lol and I can’t live without a watch and a good pair of shades

Give the ladies reading this article fashion and beauty advice (how to stay true to their style, discover their personal style and still look good on a budget)

Feature Friday, Fashion Bomber

Always be comfortable in your own skin before you adorn it.Because the dress is half the appeal,your personality draws the world to you

For guys be calm but focused .A man makes his suit ,his presence is felt before it is seen

What do you do to stay motivated and happy
Ashwyn Mberi

Meditation is very important because I love to be centered sometimes a game of golf will d the job.other than that I like to go and watch live shows,something about the performers living on the edge knowing there is no room for mistakes gets me going.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be dressy, trendy, Chichi and be an absolute Diva if you want. Being ordinary is boring AF. 

I hope this talented and ambitious man’s style has inspired you all.

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