FEATURE FRIDAYS: future advocate and fashionista Palmira de Oliveira Pio 

Happy Friday Lovlies, It’s Feature Fridaaaaayyyyyy,

Today’s post is the first of many, it’s the Nextkidontheblock Fashionista Style Feature. It’s about the ladies and gentlemen who make an effort to put themselves together and allow their characters and personalities to shine though the way they dress .

I admire anyone with their own independent sense of style, I know today’s fashionista for her sophisticated, electric sense of style and love of dresses she is a driven, kind and fun human to be around

Meet Palmira de Oliveira Pio, this lady’s go-go style  is chic, contemporary and just all the rage, she isn’t afraid to dress up in color and just shine. I mean c’mon she was the fist person who came to mind when I thought about  how inspiring it would be to feature her on the blog, I just couldn’t resist I had to pick her brain about a couple of things.

Tell us a little about yourself 

  1. My name is Palmira de Oliveira Pio. I’m Zambian and I’m of Angolan and Portuguese descent. I’m currently in the final year of my law degree.

I’d describe myself as a motivated and outgoing person with an electric personality.

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring five things from your closet — what do you grab?


If I was stranded on a desert island I’d bring :

My sunnies: love love them. Especially the cute 60s style ones with the shapes ☺️

A summer dress: one of my favourite things to wear.

A pair of sandals ☺️

My denim jacket is my best friend and also a pair of leggings

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

My fashion pet peeve is that I take the longest time when dressing up. I can’t always visualise my outfits 🙈 so I spread tons of clothes all over my room to choose 😂 it’s tedious cos I always have to repack my closet but it gets the job done 😀

What are  the 3 make up or beauty products you absolutely can’t live without. 


Three things I can’t live without..

  1. My face foundation. Rimmel 😘 I easily get sun burnt and I love How some of these foundations are protective and just give your face an even tone.

  2. Lip things. From labello to lipstick. Matte is very in now and I love that type as well.

  3. Good perfume ☺️ a favourite is curious by Britney Spears 😀

lol she decided to add s fourth thing 😊😊

I always move around with eyeliner ☺️

Give the ladies reading this article fashion and beauty advice (how to stay true to their style, discover their personal style and still look good on a budget) 

  My beauty advice would be to always stick to what you like and continue to explore and recreate your way of style. Whatever it is..looking good doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money on clothes.
Go to thrift shops or Sunday markets and you will find pretty things as well. I think the best thing you can do with this fashion thing is not conform or have limits. Being ordinary is boring AF!
What do you do to stay motivated and happy

To stay happy and motivated I set goals. And strive to achieve them. Its always nice to know exactly what you’re working towards. I have a lovely group of friends and family that make me smile and that also helps. ☺️

How would you describe your sense of style

I’d say my greatest fashion influence is my mom. Growing up she always made a big deal of what to wear.

I remember her getting dressed for work or weddings and I just loved how comfortable she was in her own skin.

And I think that’s important too. Confidence can take you far.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be dressy, trendy, Chichi and be an absolute Diva if you want. Being ordinary is boring AF. 

I hope this beautiful lady’s style has inspired you all.

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