The Big Risk

 Happy Tuesday Beautiful People,

I cut my hair recently and it’s been really empowering. I was worried about cutting my hair because I thought it wouldn’t suit me and not only did i think it wouldn’t suit me I was also worried about what people would say or how I would be perceived if I cut it. But I am glad to say I’ve been loving my *TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro).

 the big chop 

Its sad to know, from my reluctance to cut my hair, and even from other people’s reactions when they find out you cut your hair, that a lot of people associate beauty with what goes on above the eyebrows. Its sad because in all honesty I am not my hair, there is more to me than the way I choose to wear my hair, whether I choose to keep a weave, an afro, relaxed or go bold I am more than what goes on above my eyebrows and I honestly believe all women are beautiful regardless of the way they choose to keep their hair. By choosing to go natural I have decided to embrace my true self. To allow myself to love who I am and not to allow myself to be defined my body shape or weave. I have decided to be independent of external sources of beauty, this is not to say I won’t plate my hair or I have anything against braids, relaxed hair or weaves. I am happy about the decision I have made. 

 the big chop 
I don’t remember the last time I had hair this short, its probably when I was 6 years old which is a very long time ago. I am clueless on how I am going to be styling or treating my hair because I was so used to dealing with relaxed hair. The last time I chopped my hair it wasn’t as short as I have it now and I was always worried about the fact that it didn’t suit  me so I always had braids or a weave and eventually I relaxed it again.

 the big chop 
Styling natural hair can be difficult and so is choosing the right protective style. It always seems your choices are limited but  I am really excited for the challenge. The amazing thing is there are so many websites and blogs that talk about how to take care of your natural hair and how to style it.

  The research process has been an interesting one, i am learning so much about how to care for my natural hair and my hair type as well. I will share everything I learn with you all. all the tips and tricks on rocking your afro with confidence, styling your *TWA,  protective styling and all the challenges I will be facing as I embark on this journey. I hope you find this helpful and if any of you are motivated to cut your hair or want to share your experiences please feel free to comment in the comment section.

It’s about Self-Love, make a conscious decision to love yourself independent of all “external” sources of beauty. Change your mindset from believing that in order to be beautiful you have a particular body shape, skin tone or hairdo. You are beautiful. Love yourself regardless of all these factors 😊

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  1. margaret
    11/07/2015 / 20:36

    I went through varsity with short hair. But that was the early 90’s. It was refreshingly liberating. You have greatly motivated me to to follow suit. I just need the courage. By end of this week I would have made a decision.

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