The Perfect Pick Me Up: Smoothies That’ll Rev Up Your Day

Happy Friday,

I woke up today feeling under the weather. It must be exhaustion  from studying. So I thought I would treat myself to smoothies that will help reboot my body.

I made 3 great tasting smoothies that could brighten up the most dull days!!! They are the best healthy treats ever, you  really can’t go wrong with any of these. What makes them great is they are good for your skin, weight loss and they taste heavenly.

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but to be honest no one has time for that, and that’s were smoothies come in!!

Let’s call them PICK ME UP SMOOTHIES 😊❤️


  • papaya
  • banana
  • coconut milk (cow milk, soy milk, almond milk)
  • sunflower seeds

That’s the one on the right. Its my banana and papaya smoothie. OMW it tastes so rich and creamy. It feels great in your tummy and from the very first sip you are met with such an explosion if flavour  in your mouth. This is my second best out of all of them. All you need to make this delicious smoothie are 3 ingredients and voila, I mean come on !!!! Bananas provide energy through their high content of healthy carbohydrates and potassium, which makes them a perfect food for athletes and active people and an added benefit is that banana boosts your brain power and mental alertness. Its better than coffee. I added about a hand ful of sunflower seeds to mine because sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin C and  magnesium, which is necessary for strong bones and helps lower blood pressure, decreases muscle tension, migraine headaches, soreness, and fatigue. Sunflower seeds are one of the foods that help naturally detox and cleanse the body.


  • pineapple
  • ginger
  • carrot
  • orange juice
  • oats

This  jar of goodness on the left is also such an easy healthy breakfast meal for busy people. it takes you a few minutes to make and you can be out the do in a jiffy. Its nutritious and undoubtedly beneficial for all age groups. Its packed with vitamin C which is what I needed to boost my immune system. The super ingredient in this beauty though is the ginger, its will help boost your immune system and just have you feeling like superwoman, at least it does for me


  • strawberries
  • raspberries (frozen)
  • cranberries
  • yogurt (plain)
  • flax seeds

Yum, Yum, Yum is all I can say about this smoothie. I saved the best for last in this case, these 3 ingridients are just an anti-oxidant power house. about an hour after having this I felt way better than I did when I woke up. My body felt like mine again. I added flax seeds because these dark brown seeds are excellent sources of omega-3s. Just one tablespoon of flax seed is enough, a kind of omega-3 that is found in flax seeds helps promote bone health, lower blood pressure, they are a great source of fiber.

The great thing about smoothies is you can have them ON THE GO, you can make them in less than 5 minutes and they are nutrient packed which guarantees you all the vitamins you need. The above mentioned smoothies will help clear you skin, improve your mental alertness and keep you full as you go about your business.


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