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I am going to rumble on and on so be patient and read to the end. Today we are discussing IDENTITY

A woman in the bible named her son Rueben. Her husband didn’t love her and so God blessed her with a son. She said “it is because the Lord had seen my misery,” surely my husband will love me now. The name Reuben figuratively means “see me”.
I was reading the verse and I thought to myself. Isn’t it a fact that once in a while, as human beings, true mortals, we crave for love and recognition. Who doesn’t want to love and to be loved?
In all the hullabaloo moments of life, we end up being drenched in confusion and thus sacrificing our identities for the sake of love, joy and happiness.

What is your identity? Who are you without title, rank, money or children? Who are you outside your educational qualifications, background or family name?
Les Brown has it that; “Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”
Know not just your reality but your truth. Your reality is your present caused by your history, but your truth is your future connected to your divine destiny.
Know your identity for it is your bridge to the land of purpose and direction. It is your own addition to your value. Its your individuality, your uniqueness and its what makes you special.
A lack of identity is a lack of indemnity. A lack of identity is a lack of ideology, character and self worth. Indeed, a lack of identity is a lack of your distinctive power, dominion and influence. It is a bloody lake of confusion, fire, suffering and pain.
Discover your identity before it eludes you. Discover your identity before the lack of it destroys you. Discover your identity and avoid destruction. Discover your identity and recover your nobility and magnanimity.

To be frank most of us are probably studying degrees we have no passion for what so ever or pursuing careers that we have to wake up every morning and drag our feet to make it to the front door, all for what? You didn’t have the courage to tell your parents you wanted to be an actor or you wanted a career in tennis and now you watch the French open and think, ” that could have been me”. Truth of the matter is you hear the phrase ‘do you’ all the time and that should be your primal instinct just to live your life and forget what anyone thinks about you but instead you spend every waking moment considering and weighing out what other people think. Someone once told never to complain about anything, why you might ask, because you should go out and fix what you don’t like regardless of public perception, to quote Maya Angelou:

If you are always trying to be ‘normal’, you will never now how amazing you can be !!!

I realized its okay that I don’t I always have to fit in, I can be me. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I’m not lame because  sometimes I don’t like being in club. I would rather be at a barbecue with friends and you know what, that’s okay.  I like a nice luncheons, good wine and chats with friends and that too is alright and its taught me that it takes strength to go against the grain.

No one on God’s green earth has the formula to life live your own, do what makes you happy, make decisions not based on other peoples judgments.

Peace and love to the planet.

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