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home made coffee recipes
I hope your weekend is more exciting than mine. I’m stuck studying and wishing I could just sleep and watch TV but I can’t do that. I finish my degree this year so it’s grind time. For the next couple days I’ll be posting recipes because they are easier for me to share with you all.

I love coffee, black coffee is my go to drink but sometimes a girl needs change. I think I could live on coffee. Too much coffee is bad for the you they say but I think I eat healthy enough to balance it out 🙈 .

On a real coffee is bae, hot, iced, shaken or stirred I just love the way it tastes. I drink so much of it I would go broke if I bought my coffee from a coffee shop everyday so I’ve learnt to make it at home and it tastes just as great.

I have put to together 3 tasty coffee recipes for you guys that you can make at home this winter.


coffee recipes   

  • Coffee of your choice
  • Milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Orange zest

Mix the ingredients and bring them to a boil in a pot. Pour into a mug and add whipped cream and orange zest to garnish.


coffee recipes 

  • White chocolate
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Marshmallows

If you want to ge in good books with your sweet tooth . This is the coffe you should be having. It’s so rich, creamy and delicious. It won’t disappoint. I honesty believe you could have this as a desert on its own 😊


Coffee recipes  

  • Milk
  • Coffee ( I used Jacobs coffee)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Caramel essence
  • Whipped cream

This isn’t too sweet it’s just perfect. You can have it with sweet dessert. I had mine with pancakes this morning so there was no need for me to add sugar to it.

You can sweeten these however you prefer. Life is too short to go without the things you love right? In this case I agree.

Thank you all for the support. I appreciate  it.

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  1. margaret
    06/06/2015 / 21:43

    I used to drink coffee just like you when I was young. Until I almost had a hot addiction to an extend I would not function without having a cup. Maybe it was because I was not balancing it like you said. Worse still I developed peptic ulcers. Now I crave for it but because no one can convince me to drink it again after the migraine headaches and ulcers its just a craving and nothing else.
    I have tried Irish coffee haha haha but I always trigger gastritis. What can I do?…

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