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Autumn Fashion

Yesterday marked the March equinox and now we are official in Autumn. Autumn happens to be one of my favorite seasons, you can do so much with your style, layer your outfits, push the barriers, play around with colours and textures. I made a fashion resolution this year and that’s not to follow trends too much, I am exploring and experimenting with my style more than I normally would. 

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I want to dig deep and find myself through my style. I want to stop chasing trends as much as possible, trends are an escape from reality, we lose our true selves in the process of chasing style and fashion trends. 

 Like I mentioned before we are now in Autumn and autumn is made up of warmish afternoons and cooler evenings. You can pair your mini-skirt with sweaters and scarves and you can finally bring out your boots. I am going to share some of my autumn picks, I have a couple of items I recently picked up. 

I want to share some items I picked to take my autumn wardrobe to new heights, I’ll be slaying on them streets. 

Autumn FashionIMG_7612 Autumn FashionIMG_7600

I bought a pair of these blush pink – nude pumps from MR Price, they are comfortable, affordable and so easy to dress up. You can turn your wardrobe around by owning a pair of nude heels. when talking about classics I truly believe a pair of blush pink nude pumps is a must have for any women. The colour is beautiful, chic but is still very capable of bringing that bang to an outfit. 

I love these shoes and the next time I wear them ill be sure to take a pic for you, smile. 

Autumn FashionIMG_7613 Autumn FashionIMG_7615



Nothing says Autumn like neutral colors, scarlet reds, burgundy, sage and rich browns. Don’t be afraid to take neutral ground, pair your neutrals with popping colours and enjoy this slightly chilly weather.  I bought thee brown neutral strap heels from Legit South Africa. They are not just comfortable and extremely wearable they have proved to be a worthy investment. I like simple colours, I don’t want to rack my brain every other morning just to find something to wear. Like is already difficult without having to think about colour palettes 

Autumn FashionIMG_7611 Autumn FashionIMG_7607

I am forever making my mum laugh at the fact that up until recently I had never bought myself a wallet, I am mature young adult who always made excuses so I didn’t have to by myself a wallet. I know wallets keep all your important stuff but they are just pricey. 

I recently purchased my Woolworths hand bag and wallet and I am happy to say these two items are my priced possessions right now. I am so happy I managed to just close my eyes and swipe for these scarlet red set. The colour is rich and beautiful, it works will with most outfits and they are great quality. 

MRP Blush Pink Pumps : R150

Legit Tawny Strap Heels : R500

WoolWorths Scarlet Red Short Strap Bag  : R300                              

              WoolWorths Scarlet red Wallet : R150              


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