The Double Cleansing Method: An effective way to get clearer, cleaner skin 😊

Happy Monday my loves,  Double Cleansing Method   I hope you all had a blessed weekend, what did you manage to do for Mandela Day ?  If you didn’t do anything remember you don’t have to wait for the 18 of July to do something, you can do something nice and charitable everyday, it honestly starts with a smile 😊.  It’s been almost a week since the last time I posted and my apologies for that, I had to go back to the drawing board to plan out exactly what I am going to be sharing with you.

I want to be able to share content that you will find helpful whilst also sharing my own passions.  Talking about passion , as you all know I have a passion for helping people with skin ailments and one of the reasons for that is I know how much pigmentation, acne, rashes and any kind of ailments can bring your confidence to a screeching  halt, I’ve experienced it and I want to be able to help anyone who might be going through the same odeal.  What is The Double Cleansing Method? This is a method of cleansing your face that has existed for centuries, mainly in Japan. The Japaneese style of double cleansing is beneficial for the skin because it involves washing off both oil based dirt as well water based.  In chemistry we learnt that likes dissolve likes and that the basis of this method. You start by using an oil to remove your make up, SPF and any oil based dirt from your face. It helps loosen the oil and make up from your face without drying your skin out. You then follow up by using your favorite face wash which targets sweat, dust and any bacteria or or remaining residue.  Because this routine is so thorough it will help you avoid clogged pores and inflammation.  I joined the double cleansing cult because make up removing wipes seem to break me out so I figured using a natural ingredient would work best for my sensitive skin and it has. I’m sold and I am happy with the results.  Two types of imprurities lodge onto our skin : 

  • Oil Based Imprurities like excess sebum, sunscreen and makeup.
  • Water-based Impurities  like old skin cells, dust, bacteria and perspiration.

And the double cleansing method is a way of targeting both types of impurities without stripping your skin of important minerals or drying it out.  How to double cleanse ?  Double Cleansing With Coconut Oil  You will need an OIL, which should be plant based raw and organic. My favorite Double cleansing oils for the oil cleansing part are coconut oil which is very affordable or olive oil 😊 these oils are great for sensitive acne prone skin. Massage the oil into face and eyes it will remove all the mascara and make up you might have on your face. Place you *clean face towel or cloth into extremely warm (hot) water and wipe off all the oil and make up. The warm towel will semi steam your face opening up your pores which will allow your facial wash to remove the excess dirt on your face off.  As part two of the Double Cleansing Method use your face wash and rinse thoroughly before toning and moisturizing and voila you’ll have a clean canvas before going to bed which will allow your face to heal itself as you sleep 😊 I am a firm believer in using natural products on your skin especially if your skin is as hormonal as mine. If you already use the double cleansing method do share what you use on your face and how it’s worked out for you. Remember to do what works for your skin and you.  For those of you who would rather watch the movie than read the book there’s a video on how to Double Cleanse your face on one of my favorite blogger’s YouTube Channels  so be sure to check Carols YouTube Channnel 

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