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Some people want it to happen, others make it happen

It’s spring 😃😃😃🌷🌹

I am hoping for brighter warmer days and less gloomy rainy days. I have to say I’m pleased with the way it’s been working out so far!!! The weather gods are on my side.

I took an unplanned sabbatical (without the luxury of being paid) from blogging, I apologize for that. It’s been good for me though, I’ve had the chance to re-evaluate my content and to remind myself of the reasons I started blogging. I blog to inspire you all and to share what I do in the hopes of helping someone else and I needed to remind myself of that. I will try not to focus on perfection but progression and on bringing you better content 😊.

A couple of weeks ago I embarked on the German Diet Journey. It promises that whilst on it you lose about 9kgs and that after losing that weight you don’t gain it back.

After posting about the diet I had a couple of my readers inbox me about how they believe the diet is fake and it won’t produce the results it promises. I am not an expert so i can’t disagree with them. All I can do is share my results and journey with you all.

Weight loss involves a couple different factors and when you are on a diet these  factors play a part. They determine how many kilos you’ll lose in total. The amount of exercise or physical activity you do, genetics as well as your metabolism. There is no point, in my opinion, to go on a diet and spend the whole time in bed or on a couch waiting around for the pounds to just drop.

After my 13 days I lost 4,5kgs and I was happy about that. I was hoping to lose the 9kgs in all honesty but it’s alright. The 4.5kgs helped me jumpstart my weight loss journey. According to a recent body evaluation, I am slightly overweight  (slightly being an understatement) and as you all know I am a firm believer in being healthy and as such will continue with the journey until I get to a healthier weight and lose the wobbly bits in around my waist.

Day 2

Breakfast Black coffee without sugar & 1 slice of dry toast
Lunch One medium steak (grilled), green salad and 1 fruit
Dinner Cooked ham as much as you like

diet and weightloss

german diet
Day 3
Breakfast Black coffee without sugar & 1 slice of dry toast
Lunch Two boiled eggs, salad and fresh tomatoes
Dinner Cooked ham /chicken breasts & green salad

German Diet

weightloss diet
Day 4

Breakfast Black coffee without sugar & 1 slice of dry toast
Lunch One boiled egg, carrots (cooked or raw). Swiss cheese
Dinner Fresh fruit and plain yoghurt weightloss, german diet
Day 5
Breakfast Grated carrots with lemon and black coffee
Lunch Poached fish and fresh tomatoes
Dinner One big steak (grilled), green salad and 1 fruit poached fish for weight loss   steak and salad for weight loss
Day 6
Breakfast Black coffee without sugar & 1 slice of dry toast
Lunch Half grilled chicken
Dinner Two hard boiled eggs and grated carrots
Day 7
Breakfast Tea with lemon, no sugar or milk
Lunch Grilled steak and any fresh fruits
Dinner Now you can eat anything you like

Being on this diet wasn’t easy, my morning meals were awful at first but I got used to it. Before I started the diet I googled recipes and I couldn’t find any that would work with this particular diet and that is why I’m going to put together the Ebook. I want to provide recipes that will help you keep track of your healthy lifestyle, I want to ensure you never run out of inspired ideas.

I hope my journey will motivate you all. Thank you for the constant support and messages.

Remember you are beautiful just the way you are, it is however still important to be healthy and to treat yourself like the gift you are.

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  1. 23/09/2015 / 08:10

    interesting diet. not big on the eggs but looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Nozi
    26/10/2016 / 17:17

    Hi, where can I get your ebook for recipe

    • Miriam Maulana
      31/10/2016 / 13:28

      If you need help with your diet let me know in my email and I will help. can make the ebook and recipes available to you

  3. 04/03/2017 / 14:20

    Miriam may I please have your email address.. I would like to start on Monday the 6th

  4. zuzu
    13/03/2017 / 17:12

    I have started and a little difficult at first bt day3 i got used to it, im scared to check my weight bt my clothes feel loose, am so happy thank u

    • Miriam Maulana
      14/03/2017 / 19:38

      Whats important is you feel good about yourself. Do not allow the scale to discourage you. Weight loss and weight management is about how you feeling

  5. Zikhona kuhle Ntshinka
    14/05/2017 / 11:43

    Hi Miriam

    Am interested in the diet plan, how can I got hold of it.

  6. Julie
    20/09/2017 / 16:29

    When it says eat anything on day 7
    Surely that’s not pizza or fish and chips but can you have a roast dinner hey

    • Miriam Maulana
      20/09/2017 / 16:54

      Yes and also they mean anything. Life is about balance and building a sustainable lifestyle. Just dont go crazy

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