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Happy Belated International Women’s Day. Let us take a moment to reflect on the progress we’ve made as women and to think of how far we still have to go. Today we are celebrating a Zimbabwean Woman’s success by reviewing her amazing make up line. 

PS: Her makeup brushes a great too 

Jackie Mgido has done a great job with Vault Cosmetics. She has launched and continues to produce products that are of good quality and are relatively affordable. As a fellow Zimbabwean woman, I am extremely motivated by her success. 

Okay so before I get right into it, I have to share that I lost on the lip stains and I am genuinely heart-broken. I hat losing my lippies, they are such an investment and I was really looking forward to sharing this post. I actually shed a couple of tears. I was hurt, I turned the house upside down looking for it and what made matters worse is i felt silly crying about a lippy but you know what, it was mine and now I wont be able to wear it…….

it was this beautiful red colour, the first red lippy to compete with my Mac Ruby Woo. So hears to George (color/name of the lost lippy! You will be greatly missed, sniff sniff )

Okay……. so I recently bought purchased the Vault Eyeshadow Palette which has 35  rich, bold colours and their highly pigmented lip stains. 

I went into their store in Zimbabwe to purchase a set of brushes and they didn’t have any in stock and I found myself buying the set of lip stains and the eyeshadow palette, I blame Jax, she is one of the lovely vault ladies who helped me choose my colours.  

I love makeup, everything about it fascinates and manages to put a smile on my face. There’s something about buying the perfect lipstick shade and rocking it on an afternoon or evening out! Some people might think its shallow and some might even think makeup is a way for women to hide their flaws, I completely disagree with this view but that’s a conversation for another day. 

Vault Cosmetics IMG_7221


Vault Cosmetics

Vault Eyeshadow Palette p 35 ($30 or 462.90 ZAR) this eyeshadow palette is just the perfect buy. The vault team managed to incorporate a range of colours that you would be able to use for a number of gorgeous looks. It’s the perfect palette to own in my opinion. It has such beautiful neutral colours, from creams to brown to deep blacks and purples the p35 palette has all you need to take your look from day time to-night time. 

Listen, I rock a red lip, even blue or black lipstick but I always favor neutral colors when is come to my eyes. Maybe it’s because  I am still a novice when it come to eyeshadow application and I am not about to go around scaring children who are afraid of clowns. Vault Cosmetics IMG_7224 Vault Cosmetics IMG_7225

I am naturally drawn to neutral/nude tones which made buying this palette a no-brainer. The shades are perfect for any season, it’s absolutely beautiful. The shades range from matte to shimmery. The Vault eyeshadow palette has the perfect gold and brown shades for women all colours and shades. 

Vault Cosmetics IMG_7228 - Copy Vault Cosmetics IMG_7227


As you can see from the swatches even the shimmery dark colours can pass for satin colours so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t really into shimmer. The colour pay off is impressive, if you want to deepen the colour you can spray rose-water or Mac Fix + (my personal favorite) on your blending brush and Voila!!!. 

Vault Cosmetics IMG_7231 Vault Cosmetics IMG_7232

Side bar: I am so excited to start my YouTube Channel and share some looks I’ve been trying out with you all. 

Vault Lip Stain

Next up we have the Vault Lip Stain ($13/ 200.93 ZAR)  – you no the phrase less for more that’s what you get from the Vault Cosmetics Lip Stains. You put just a little bit of the lippy on your mouth and the pay-off you get is unbelievable. If I could put together an advert for them, this is how it would go …. Just a little, will stain your lips all night long, lol . 

Vault Lip Stain- Chucus


Chucus R200 – Aaaaand we have a winner, this pinkish nude lipstick is just the perfect nude. The Vault Lip Stains are matte. Add some lip gloss and you have a perfectly shinny nude lip. 

Vault Stain Me Pink Stain Me Pink ( USD 13/ 200 ZAR) This is a beautiful pinkish purple colour, its rich in colour and is very matte. If you aren’t a fan of matte lippies then this is not the lipstick for you. It’s a superb vibrant colour. It has to be one of my favorites. 


Dylan R200/ USD 13 – This beautiful matte lip stain is a mix between magenta and red-violet. It’s such a vibrant colour too, it will look good on a my skin tone, at least I think so.


Benjamin R200/USD 13If you own and love Heroine by Mac then you will love Jackie’s Benjamin. The vault cosmetics lip stain is slightly darker than Heroine. It will give you just the right pop of colour with a little darkness to make you mysterious. You’ll be out there looking like a bag of Benjamins! (see what I did there, lol) !!!  

Vault Lip Stain Blue

Blue  200 ZAR/ USD 13For one of my blog shoots I tried out a blue lip liner and I loved the way it looked on me so when I saw this blue Vault Lip Stain I was so happy and excited to finally get it. Its my way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

NB: The one thing I dislike about the Vault Lip Stains is they are extremely matte such that they border on drying, I have to really moisturize my lips before application 

I have to state though that these Vault Lip Stains are very matte and if you put too much they tend to crack however if you want to deepen the colour, just wait for the lip stain to dry then add more colour. They stay on the lips for about 4/5 hours without having to reapply which works for me. However if you eat something oily you will have to reapply. 

A little goes a long way and as you know liquid lip sticks are the next best thing after the bubble gum factory. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Have you used any Vault products? DO you have any liquid lipsticks ? What brand is it ? 

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