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Hello La Familia,

I am so excited about the new year, if you got a chance to join us for coffee talk then you know I have a couple of personal decisions I’ve made about my outlook on life and I have to say its been working wonders on my soul.

As you’ve all noticed New Kid On The Block has just gotten a face lift, I’ve been planning to do this for a long time and had sort of convinced myself I would do it on our first birthday but I couldn’t keep postponing it. I just couldn’t wait, at the same time I am such a perfectionist nothing seemed to be right for us. I am so so excited about this choice I hope you like it too. 


I have really fallen in love with the crisp and cleanness that is WordPress, and some of the amazing themes they have on offer offer, from the free, premium and ones floating around etsy, and the rest of the internet, which is why this decision was difficult,

From the time I moved to, I have to say I have been on top of the world about my decisions. a self hosted site is just amazing for all bloggers out there. I would suggest it for anyone who wants to get serious about this whole blogging thing.

Other than a new design, expect new content to start regularly filtering back onto the blog – I am excited again to blog and about the new year. 

New Year, New Look. How great is that !!!

I am excited to be back and am looking forward to finding out what you think about the new look. 


New Kid On The Block



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