Menu Monday: Beef Strip Salad

Menu Monday: Beef Strip Salad 

insert ratchet voice I’m otchea tryna lose weight, eating salads shi*, my edges on fleek…. 

Happy Monday my darlings I am back again with a Menu Monday Recipe, whoop whoop. I am on fire today. Two blog posts in one day (high five to all the beauties out there chasing their dreams, you rock). Today’s menu Monday meal is one of my favorites. A simple, refreshing beef strip salad. A number of people I know would never eat a plain for dinner, it’s rabbit food according to them but I would like to think to add meat to a salad turns things up. 


This lovely beef strip salad will have you craving salads all the time. You’ll get all the necessary nutrients you need for supper. Roughage, vitamins, minerals and protein. Easily digestible food that will turn into energy and used up as opposed to stored in your body as fat. As well all know healthy living, weight management, and weight loss is about 80% food and 20% exercise. 

I love beef strip salads or any salads in general. I get to eat myself silly without feeling guilty about it. 

As you all know menu Monday is about making and eating healthy food that doesn’t take too much time to make. Monday’s can be really busy , catching up om emails and whatever work you didn’t end up doing during the weekend because you had that extra shot of Tequilla. 


Beef Strip Salad Recipe 

You’ll need salad greens: baby lettuces, radicchio, endive, etc. This is the stuff from the bag! I added baby spinach to the mix just because I’m extra. Bell Peppers, Onions, tomatoes and cucumbers. The star of this dish is the sauce you are going to make for your beef strips. 


In a separate bowl add garlic and a mix of herbs. 


Add Balsamic Vinegar to the sauce mixture 


Then a teaspoon of brown sugar. 



In a large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray, cook beef over medium heat for 5-7 minutes on each side or until meat reaches desired doneness (for medium-rare, medium or  well-done).

Remove the meat from the skillet then add your balsamic sauce, reduce it a little before adding your cooked steak strips. Mix well until your strips are coated in the reduction. 


Add feta and use a salad dressing of your choice, I used a drizzle of honey, lemon juice, sugar and black pepper. 



I hope you enjoy the salad. If you try out this recipe don’t forget to tag me your pictures. I love seeing what you guys make. 





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