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I am back again with yet another wardrobe basics post. The key to building a wardrobe collection you can be proud off is in having certain basic items. I believe a white dress is a wardrobe basic. Every girl should have it because like the LBD the Little White Dress aka the LWD is versatile, clean and wearable. Its not only chic and forever in style you can dress it up and down too.

New Kid On the Block

Little White Dress


Its such a fresh base colour and it leaves you with a lot of room to add colour and jewelry. You can add a stack of gold chick bangles for lunch with the girls or your mum.


Add a draped jacket or structured blazer, depending on the style of the dress and you will look sophisticated. If you add a leather motorcycle style leather jacket you can turn angelic white, edgy!!!

I love my little white dress, its one of my favorite buys, its a shame I do not wear it as often as I would like to because I am messy :-D. I guess that what we all dislike about white, or at least a majority of people. just a drop of water could ruin your outfit, no body has time for that right, well say sometimes you should say screw it and have a good time. Think about it this way, before you drop the rib sauce on your dress you will look stunning, you will sweep them off their feet and wipe the floor with them. LOL.

Little White Dress

Little White Dress


I chose to add a pop of colour with my red heels because a pop of colour in my opinion instantly gives plan’ol white stylish direction.

I am not an expert but I am learning, as I discover my style. I have come to the realisation neautral colours are my go to. they can be elegant or daring. Its all up to you really and you can transform neutral items such a little white dress from understated to dapper and dashing.

An added benefit of owning a white dress is its such a summery, springy, clean colour. Its just vibrant. I mean with those detergent adverts know what they are talking about (you know when they turn white dirty clothes to their fresh out the shop colour and the woman on the dress looks happy and smiles and has butterflies, lol). That the feeling you get in a white dress.

Remember when you choose your little white dress  for a shape or style that suits your figure. Choose a dress you feel comfortable in. White can be gracing but make the wrong choice and it can be very unflattering. Make sure its not too sheer, we really don’t want to see your undies honey!! Don’t wear colourful underwear whilst wearing a white dress. Go for black, white or nude colours, forget about your pink and yellow numbers, OOOOKAY.

Little White Dress IMG_9492-0

The little white dress does not get as much love as the LBD but seriously, whats not love ??? I am in love with my little white dress because the full skirt is girly and the lacy detail does wonders. I always feel like such a little lady when I’m in it! I paired it with some red heels and a white clutch. White and red go together and make such a great colour palette, ultra chic and classic. I get to twirl around and laugh when I’m in my dress. My nails and shoes match, and because I was going for clean look I natural reached for my neutral colours; gold accessories, nude lips and rosy golden eyes, such a little lady princess I am !!!

Its always a pleasure to chat to you all. My 30min break is over so I have to go back to studying. Remember to wake, show up and bloom where you are planted. Check out at Shirley’s Blog, for inspiration. I love her style 🙂

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