Chic Monochrome Pencil Skirt

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Holy Chic,
It’s been a busy week. I hope you are all having an amazing Monday. In today’s style post I decided to switch up the LBD and LED a chic classic, THE PENCIL SKIRT.

Miriam Maulana
I never used to like pencil skirts because I didn’t like the way the looked on me. My belly was cramping my style. I am more confident now, I’m losing weight and I’ve realised I need to choose a perfect fit. Not one that’s too tight.

Pencil skirts are so feminine and elegant. This fierce modern number was introduced in French designer Christian Dior’s 1954 Autumn Winter collection !

New Kid On The Block

NewKidOnTheBlock037 NewKidOnTheBlock045 Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are super flattering on most body types. It’s about gettin the right material, cut and shape that you are most comfortable in.
It should just hang over your curves and complement your womaness.
I bought this skirt a while ago and it revived my love for body hugging, midi skirts. I went for no fuss, casual colours because I wanted it to look effortless and fun.

I’m sure you’ve seen from Kim and JLo a pencil skirt is also another wardrobe staple. You can choose whatever colour you want. Dress is up with heals, a leather jacket or demon jacket if it’s a chilly day.

I opted for the black and white pointed heals because they make me look taller, leaner and well I don’t know “HOT” and the I chose gold jewelry because I think it suites me better than silver and the blue lipstick was just different. I like different.

Let me know what your favorite type of skirt is or what other style ideas you would like me to share
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  1. Margaret Maulana
    16/11/2015 / 19:49

    Pencil skirts are very lady like. Especially if chosen well and are just short enough to leave people admiring but long enough not to tempt them to stare and when tight enough not to directly show you panties loose enough to get by freely. I like them too and struggle to get the proper type.

    • Miriam Maulana
      19/11/2015 / 18:04

      Hi Margaret

      I think its a good idea to shop around in as many shops as you can for the fit you want. I know people aren’t always keen on buying something only to take it for tailoring but i think that also a good option if you don’t like the length or the fit.

      We all have different body types and unfortunately shops don’t always cater for all of us.

      I am happy you liked the post. there will be many to come.

    • Miriam Maulana
      19/11/2015 / 22:02

      Hey Cassandra,

      Thank you, was experimenting and trying a bold lip colour for a change.

      I like flatted skirts too but been trying to incorporate different pieces into my style.

  2. 23/11/2015 / 05:56

    Roomie looking like a bag of money!

    • Miriam Maulana
      23/11/2015 / 06:28

      Hey Taffy,

      Thank you, thank you

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