“Its not the load that breaks you down its the way you carry it!!!”



So Mummy Dearest (my mum) thinks I stress a lot, I disagreed with her when she told me this until it hit me yesterday, I think I stress a lot without realising I’m stressing. In fact if you ask me to describe myself I might tell you I have a care free attitude, LOL. You’d think my ulcers and chronic tension headaches would have been a sign to myself that I stress a lot, don’t judge me, I’m not perfect.

As I was planning today’s post and I had an epiphany and I figured I should share this with all of you because I doubt I’m the only person who goes through this. If you are like me and you constantly worry about the big things, the things you couldn’t possibly change in day, the things you might not be able to change at all then I hope this helps.

I’m a perfectionist and unless something I’m working on seems perfect to me I’ll hate it, a hair style, a dress anything at all and sometimes it could even upset me. I bite my nails, I chew the insides of my mouth (crazy I know, but this crazy girl does it absent mindedly).

I can’t help but think about where I am in life and how far it is from the plan the 18 year old me had.

I can’t help but think about the unfairness of the world, the way my life has been shaped and the injustice of it all. I think what makes it even worse is when you a Christian sometimes you have the answers to all the questions, you know!!

You know according to Ecclesiastes 3, “There is a time for everything under the sun”. You know and believe Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord “Plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE”

And that’s what brings tears to your eyes, the constant struggle with yourself because you know you should be running your own race; you know it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. You know you should accept what your life is and make the best of it because like one person once said to me, “If people were asked to put their problems/troubles in a bucket and you were asked to choose, you would choose your own”.

So to deal with all this I’ve come up with a system. I am going to commit to it and see how it goes. I’m sharing this with all of you so if you’re a stress like me, you can join me on this journey.


  • My blog – My blog has been a source of stress for me lately because it has challenged me in ways i could have never imagined. It’s challenged my confidence levels so much. Before you meet the ultimate challenge in your life you might not even know you have confidence issues. The perfectionist me is constantly worried about whether or not people will like what I post, How ugly my pictures are in comparison to other people’s pictures and sometimes the content it self so to handle this stress I’m going to adjust my standards, I’m going to constantly remind myself of why I started blogging. I t was to help people, to share what I knew about health and beauty. To find an outlet for all this information I had and I was driving people in my life crazy with. I’m going to try and be okay with good enough and search for perfection. I will constantly remind myself not everyone will like what I put up and that’s okay. I’m going to plan my posts in advance, take beautiful pictures days in advance that way I can edit and or take more without stressing. It will help me budget too ( got the idea from Cooking With A Wall Flower )IMG_2907
  • I’m going to stop trying to control the uncontrollable
  • I’m going to stop procrastinating 

Have a to do list and try checking off the most important items by the end of the day for more templates check out Clean Mama 

  • I will look at the big picture and be thankful of the great things that have happened to me daily and to keep track if all these, ill follow my mums advice and have a Blessings Jar. at the end of the day, i will right down everything that’s happened to me that’s a blessing and on those day I find tears flooding my eyes i’ll open my jar and be grateful





Take time out, sometimes I think its okay to say “F*ck it’ (excuse my french), and take a nap, go for a walk, talk to a friend, read a book, take a long bath,exercise or yoga or just unplug (turn off your phone, tablet) and pray/meditate. Remember, “You cant control what life does but you can control how you react”

This my APRIL Challenge. I will let you know how it goes. If you decide to join me tell me how it works for you too.

Look out for the post on confidence and stress management. Stress can be detrimental to your health, trust me the ulcers and constant chronic tension head aches have taught me a thing or two about this.


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  1. margaret
    31/03/2015 / 17:30

    The revelations really challenged me. Right now am in the neighbourhood having dinner with church friends who are leaving tomorrow. I am looking forward to really enjoying. Although at the back of my mind I have a bereavement ( my father’ s uncle) passed on at a local hospital.
    All my past 17yrs since I lost my husband I developed numbness and maybe indifference to other people’s losses.
    I’m kind of thats life it has to end one day. You just have to pick yourself up dust up and contnue.
    Maybe thats stress. I don’t know. But you really challenged my convictions.

  2. margaret
    31/03/2015 / 17:36

    I have really been carrying this load and most people think its light, or easy believe me its sometimes unbearable. They are times I wish I could be given an opportunity to select from that bag of problems you mentioned. The test of the pudding is in its test. So thanks Miriam.

  3. Admire
    01/04/2015 / 20:17

    Your blog is rich.

    • 04/04/2015 / 12:45


      Thank you, I hope you finding it helpful. Don’t forget to follow and share with friends and family

  4. Basani
    03/04/2015 / 11:32

    True ,take it one step at a time ,deal with the things yo can control first then you should be good to go

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