Fall/Winter haul, follow my philosophy, fill whats empty, empty whats full !!!

What a brilliant month, I was on a long vacation, I got to sit around and do what I love, sleep and blog. Now all I have left is the nostalgia of the beautiful summer days, I don’t mind  Winters at all. Its the rainy weather that’s never been my forte but alas we are here.

This is a first for me so ‘m pretty excited. Sharing with you all gets me all tingly inside, your feedback is great. I am going to try to make this post short. When I was planning this post I thought I would make it two different posts the first one would be a review of my April Empties and the Second one would be on my Winter essentials but instead i thought you would appreciate something different so I’ve decided to make it one. I am going to share my April Empties as well as my Skin Care Product Haul with you all. And as you all know I am a student so the products I use are student budget friendly, you wont break bank trying to purchase any of these.

You will notice i repurchase a lot of the same products and that because I’m loyal to most brands that I try out and love. I am so not about to try out a new roll on or antiperspirant only to find out all I do is drip sweat when I have it on (eyw).

April Empties 


Shower time is the best time, and Oh So Heavenly products are most favorite products to use. I love the way the smell and feel on your body and at the most reasonable prices. To answer the question you probably asking yourselves right now, NO I didn’t use up those two big bottles of lotion in one month. I think maybe a month and a half.

If you in need of a shower gel that will give you a kick start in the morning, on those mornings that wake up is an impossible mission the Everyday Detox anti-oxidant rich body wash is just the thing you need before your morning coffee.

My favorite shower gel though is the Pomegranate and Rosehip Oil caring body wash. it feels great on your skin, there is silky feel to it and its orange sweet, fruity smell is heavenly. As you all know I use Rosehip oil on my face and its done great for my face so I believe in it 100%. You can check the post on my skin care routine for more.

Winter Haul 

  Thanks to cold temperatures and indoor heat y skin changes , the way it looks, feels and its ability to retain moisture. So WINTERIZE my skin I do this my adding my skin what is missing. The best way to fix and protect winter skin is to seal it and heal it!!!

That means choosing a moisturizer that locks in moisture and provides some protection to encourage healing, but still lets the skin breathe. I recommends choosing a cream instead of a lotion, which can be watery, and putting it on after every shower. That why I chose the Pomegranate and Rosehip Oil caring body cream. I’ve always used the lotion coz I love the smell and the way it makes my skin feel. 😆💃🏽 I was so excited to see the range now has a body cream 

Coconut oil works wonders for skin its high in antioxidants, vitamin E and so much more which enhances its its skin nourishing abilities. Coconut oil has so many uses and benefits it deserves a post of its  own . (Ps: keep your eyes out of it)

Evening Primrose moisturizer is also such a great product for your skin this winter, it’s no. Irritating and excellent for dry, cracking or scaling skin

My two shower gels smell amazing, the Berry Bubbly might be absolutely new favorite of mine. It’s got this charming fruity floral scent that will have bubbly and happy 😊😊😊😊😊. You can’t help but smile when you use it.

And I could never go I to Clicks and forger my body spritzer and antiperspirant  I have to always smell perfectly pretty😊🙈.

My mum does this thing where she mixes all the lotions she has together to form the perfect skin care portion and I’ve learnt from the best. I will be sharing with you all, what I do with my coconut oil, vitamin E oil, Rose hip Oil and my cream to make the perfect skin super hero 😊😎.

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