Cuffing Season made more bearable  


No, not what your thinking. I am talking about a couple of immune boosting superfoods that will be worth incorporating into your diet 😂😂😂. 

Hope you all had an uber awesome weekend. That felt tough to say considering all the Xenophonbic Violence going on in South Africa. 

Well I hope you at least had a blessed weekend. Let’s take a moment to be thankful for our lives and to pray for peace and also for the families who have lost loved ones. 

Winter for most of us is the season for colds ad flues, right!? Well it’s time to prepare ourselves for winter and make sure we avoid getting sick altogether. 

For a long long long time a flue or a cold during winter was guaranteed for me and when I moved to the eastern cape, I kid you not I would get sick at least 5times a year, it was ridiculous!! It was so bad before I left home for school every semester my mum would always put together a first aid kit packed of flue meds for me. 

This has changed though. I amp up my intake of immune boosting foods during winter and it’s helped a lot so I thought I would share with you all superfoods you can eat without breaking bank.  

Prevention is always better than cure. It’s quarter to winter and when best to start than now. 



Add onions to your food and if you don’t mind their taste then add more of them to your salads and sandwiches. They have microbial properties which means they have direct anti-viral properties.  

Spices: turmeric or cinnamon  


These help are packed with anti oxidants which help improve the functioning of your immune system! 

Add cinnamon to your morning coffee or oats and your body will be better prepared to fight against diseases. 



Tea makes everything better. Increase your intake of tea and fluids too. A post on the different types of tea will posted soon 😊



Oats have immune boosting properties 

Red Bell Peppers  


Red bell peppers are high in vitamin C. Add them to your meals and salads and start building your immune system. Arm your body with the nutrients it needs to fight disease 

Lastly, your Granny was right and so was your mum every time she would scold or spank you for walking around barefoot. 

It’s imperative that we all stay warm during winter. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I know it’s the millionth time someone has told you this well im going to reaffirm it! For more on what to wear to keep warm check out one of my favorite fashion blogs, trust me the Laurina knows what she’s talking about. 


I will post more superfoods that will help boost your immune system without breaking bank. Don’t forget to check out Brightly Black  for more on your winter wardrobe must haves! 

Tag a friend who like me is prone to getting sick during winter, don’t forget to follow my blog and share nextkidontheblock with all your friends and family, your health is important. 


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