Confessions Of A Shoeaholic

My Shoe Fetish
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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I guess they could be right, I wouldn’t know, I don’t own any :-D. YET!!! Now if you were to say shoes are a girl’s best friend I would be 100% behind you on that.

Hey NKB family,



Lol, I can imagine the subheading is a bit freaky but I had to stress my point. I love shoes and I INTEND on getting and owning a ‘walk in closet’ full of the beauties.

If I didn’t live in a small town and walk everywhere I would wear them everyday too. Whenever I go shopping I find it so much easier to buy shoes coz I know exactly what I want, I would choose SHOE shopping over any other kind of shopping any day. Not sure what my plan is after that to be honest, maybe i’ll start a birthday suit revolution.

I spoke to a woman recently who has never owned or worn a pair of heels. I was shocked to hear this, she said she was afraid of wearing heels. I encouraged her to go and find a pair that she feels the most comfortable in. I cant even imagine life in just flats. I love me a good pair as much as the other girl but I agree with Marilyn Monroe

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world.


Lets replace shoes with “heels”. ladies a good set of heels will take you places. Just remember good doesn’t always mean high, find something to are comfortable with and go with it. I am going to share my favorite pairs in case you’d like to try a similar pair next time you go shopping.

confessions of a shoeaholic Newkidontheblock Shoes 49

I bought these babies a while ago, I think in 2013. I have to admit I was never really a fashion person and I would usually go searching for a nice pair of heels whenever I had a function to go to until I realized shoes make my world brighter, I feel hot, sexy and tough. Ill be on my superman meets catwoman.

The shoes are a mix of coral and this suede nude colour. I love that they are a play on colours. The coral pop with the nude make for an amazing combination. I bought the shoes in Legit (don’t remember how much they cost, but you know legit shoes are a bargain)

They are comfortable, not too high which makes them even better. You could dance all night, work all night or shop all Christmas morning in these.

newkidontheblock shoes Newkidontheblock Shoes 35

These black lace up platform pumps are my favorites. They are so so comfortable. I have an old ankle injury from my basketball days (lol, you’d think I was pro basketball player) allow me. Anyway my ankle swells up and hurts after a long day on my feet regardless of what kind of shoes I’m in but it doesn’t happen when i’m wearing these.

Okay, legit is my go to places for affordable but proper heels so you guessed right, the black pumps are from Legit.

I saved the best for last. The nest two pairs are my babies. I love them they are my wouldn’t share them wouldn’t lend them to anyone kinda shoes. I wear a size 4 shoe so shrinking isn’t an issue for me not a lot of people I know wear such a small shoe size.

I have to admit besides the comfort and label of the shoes, they are my favorites because

  1. They are in my Favorite Color (Red)
  2.  One pair was a gift from my S.O and the other pair was a gift from My Person (The Christina Yang to my Meredith Grey)

Sissy Boy Newkidontheblock Shoes 83


My Sissy Boy darlings are one of my highest pair of heels yet they are so comfortable. My mum thinks i’m lying because Platform heels don’t make sense to her but I mean it, these babies are stable, you could be as tipsy as a pirate yet still you’d be fine. I love the colour, the feel of them on my feet and how absolutely gorgeous I feel in them.


Newkidontheblock Shoes 68 Steve Maddens

My Steve Madden Stilettos  are life, the color is just the right amount of pop. You can add fierceness to any outfit without even trying. When I am rocking these babies please feel free to call me a lady. Tall, Fierce, Ladylike, Rock-star, Chic.

I hope this inspires you to go out there and spoil yourself to a good pair of stilettos or heels.

Let me know which pair is  your favorite  or what other style ideas you would like me to share
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