Autumn Hues & Lunch at Protea Hotels

Autumn Hues 

autumn hues

Boots: Fashion Express | Jacket: Atmosphere | Top: MRP | Jeans: Edgars

autumn hues-2

autumn hues
Autumn is about universally flattering colours that surround us all through this time of the year. Although this get away is to help me get over the break-in I’ve been having the most amazing time putting y life back together, re-focusing and deciding how to move forward. When life hands you lemons and you are trying to male you know “lemonade” you can’t help but reflect on how you’ve been living or what been happening all around you. You can help but take a breath and take in the autumn air. 

Or at least I couldn’t help it. My mum is my ultimate ride or die and when things aren’t in perspective chatting to her about anything re-energizes me so instead of waking up, showering and wearing my working pajamas, I felt like dressing up and working from whilst admiring the view of the airport.

autumn hues


autumn hues

autumn hues-15 autumn hues-11 autumn hues

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram , I am currently in Johannesburg and I am living right by the airport at Protea Hotel OR Tambo International and I’ve been enjoying the time away thus far. As I was looking at some of the planes come and go, I couldn’t help but wonder about life. how we will everyday and sometimes don’t take a moment to realize what we have. we are so busy chasing life, trying to catch up and sometimes life passes us by. 

Lol, before I turn this blog post into a life lesson let me jump right in and share my OOTD (outfit of the day). They are a couple of days left to the season and I can already feel the winter breeze coming through. Autumn colours are fun and beautiful. The colours we wear are the ones that are surrounding us, from the falling leaves and flowers. I mean why should mother nature have all the fun. 

I love autumn hues, all the deep corals, deep brown, rust and scarlet reds, I mean what there not to love. I had fun dressing up this morning and I really had to share. I have to add guys that this place is really nice. It’s such a shame it Summer or at least the warmer parts of autumn coz I would have definitely chilled in the pool.

autumn hues-30 autumn hues-28 autumn hues-21

autumn hues

I hope you’ve been having a blessed week. Comment and let me know what you’ve been getting up to. Lets catch up guys. 



    • Miriam Maulana
      01/06/2016 / 23:42

      Thank you Tendai, if only I could go back, lol.

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